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    Model; Suomi-Finland

    A soft lure made with respect for the Independence Day of Finland. Weight is 160g. Total length 12cm. The head is powder coated. Body of liquid silicone, no paint used.

    © Mika Kivisaari

  2. mk-74

    MK X-Spinner

    This is a self-molded plastic preform. My model. The body is Smooth-Cast 300, and the inside is a small weight, because the visor is made to rotate due to traction angle. And the weight of the preform to swing suitable for swimming. The lip and the plastic body are separated from each other with a joint. This makes it easier for swimming, that is, the actual tuning do not have to even do. Spinner wheels will last even tough the flow, and the plastic blank swaying from side to side, showing his sides. In slow motion in tension calms down. The painting water-borne CREATEX Colors and varnish LV-1
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    © Mika Kivisaari

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