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  1. Very disappointed with end results didn't expect to win but some of these winners lack any of the judging criteria and are simple copies of other name brand lures and jigs.
  2. R&L Tackle

    Baby Bass Swimbait

    It's a Tri poured swim bait with black glitter in the custom shade of green back and solid black line for the lateral Line and a non bleed white belly. To help its toughness it's dipped in a clear plasticsol to seal the layers. All parts bought through LPO.
  3. R&L Tackle

    Pumpkin Popper

    Starts out tied on a #1 streamer hook it has a big fly fiber base. Next I tie in some barred orange saddle hackle for more motion in the water mixed with some copper flashabou. Then on top I tie plums of orange marabou. I put on a large foam popper painted black a set of red 3D eyes and I finish it off by pulling a cluster of flashabou through the popper to push more water and give it just the right amount of flash in the water.
  4. Made a clay original to be similar to the tiny torpedo. Sanded till smooth coated in a clear coat casted it in a silicone mold. Then used the mold to make a Feather lite Resin blank. Airbrushed the black to ressemble a young peacock bass. Lure dipped the eagle claw trebles red. And clear coated in DEVCON epoxy. All parts minus the resin and silicone were bought through LPO.

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  5. This is a jitterbug I created from making an silicone mold from a segmented jitterbug. After I made the blank I airbrushed it to mimic a Brook trout. I used Createx paint and all the hardware was purchased from LPO, the finish is DEVCON epoxy and the eagle claw trebles were lure dipped red.
  6. It has a size 6.5 inline blade airbrushed to mimic a rainbow trout followed by a brass slug body also airbrushed to match the blade. Followed by a hand tied marabou coil to countinue the rainbow trout deception. And to set the hook I put on a 2/0 eagle claw tied with Bucktail also in the rainbow trout pattern. The body and blade where both Devcon coated for a long life and toughness. All parts where bought through LPO.
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