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  1. chrisrosella

    The Final Craw

    Thank you very much!
  2. chrisrosella

    The Final Craw

    The hook is a Mustad 4x long #8 streamer hook. And the mouth parts are rooster neck hackle tips. Forgot to mention this in the description
  3. chrisrosella

    Spinning Thumb Rest

    This is a very innovative design. I like this idea. I could see the benefit of this for someone who mainly fishes bait casters and wants that extra leverage in their hookset and just in general
  4. chrisrosella

    The Final Craw

    The picture quality gave me a really hard time. I used 2mm foam cut to the perfect crawfish shape then coated with epoxy. I cut pheasant breast feathers and epoxied them to make the crawfish tail. The body is weighted with .20 lead wire. The claws are coated duck flank with urethane glue. The eyes are burned 60 pound monofilament. and the antenna are stripped saddle hackle. The legs are micro chenille burned to make angles. I made this fly last year when I was 17 years old.