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  1. 10in glide

    looks good,
  2. CL 415

    nice job
  3. IMAG2188 1

  4. Glide perch

    wow nice job, you going into mass production with these?
  5. Daddy's Lure

    did you catch fish with it? that's all that matters lol..
  6. Spider-man

    lol nice job
  7. Handmade wood swimbait

    looks nice. I'd probably cry if I lost it lol
  8. Melōsh Juvenile Copperhead Snake

    nice !
  9. 2014 04 14 09.59.22 1

    fun lol, cool design
  10. Chatter Goby

    funky. I like it
  11. Sb1

    interesting blade design... I'm wondering how it reacts in use .very curious... lol
  12. Acoustic spinner

    cool idea.
  13. baitafterbait

    I really like those blade patterns... nice contrast
  14. Fox inline

    nice, beautiful color