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  1. DoniHerr

    2015 Coolest Lure Contest Winners!

    Thanks JRammit! it really does, sebile made a great swim bait with this, it looks really cool if you bring it up towards the surface and then let it fall. i had fun with it!!!
  2. DoniHerr

    Fat Pappa KO in Natural Brown Craw

    man that is clean!! great job!
  3. DoniHerr

    Blacknose Dace X-80 KO

    Me too. trying to match forage is so hard! You nailed it on this one bro!
  4. DoniHerr

    2015 Coolest Lure Contest Winners!

    Wow thanks Kaimon, I'd love to see that! I appreciate the reference and welcome the challenge. If you need any more ideas please let me know i'd be happy to send some pics. I do some really cool multi-layered craws. I've caught multiple 6lb+ smallmouths on them. Let me know.
  5. DoniHerr

    2015 Coolest Lure Contest Winners!

    I'm really honored that i was chosen as a winner! Thank you everyone who voted. I'm a very grateful, although the top prize is nice. I'm humbled by the fact that I was chosen among my peers. Look forward to continuing in "our" craft!
  6. DoniHerr

    Soft Reflections

    cool & love the suction idea!!
  7. DoniHerr

    Soft Reflections

    Are these made for drop shot. I dont know what size they are but bet they would kill opn a drop shot.
  8. DoniHerr

    Bogs Topwater Rats

    love the dipping idea of dipping in clear plastisol. im assuming that also locks in the airbrush paint? I want to try these!!
  9. DoniHerr


  10. DoniHerr

    20140930 093344

    Super cool!!
  11. DoniHerr

    Male Coppernose

    WoW very nice!
  12. DoniHerr


    Thank you so much for the kind words!!! it means alot.... I hope it catches fish!
  13. DoniHerr

    Screenshot 2015 08 04 20 24 48

    love the colors!!
  14. DoniHerr

    20130517 110135

    Super Great Work, Cool Story!!