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  1. 2015 Coolest Lure Contest Winners!

    Thanks JRammit! it really does, sebile made a great swim bait with this, it looks really cool if you bring it up towards the surface and then let it fall. i had fun with it!!!
  2. Fat Pappa KO in Natural Brown Craw

    man that is clean!! great job!
  3. Blacknose Dace X-80 KO

    Me too. trying to match forage is so hard! You nailed it on this one bro!
  4. 2015 Coolest Lure Contest Winners!

    Wow thanks Kaimon, I'd love to see that! I appreciate the reference and welcome the challenge. If you need any more ideas please let me know i'd be happy to send some pics. I do some really cool multi-layered craws. I've caught multiple 6lb+ smallmouths on them. Let me know.
  5. 2015 Coolest Lure Contest Winners!

    I'm really honored that i was chosen as a winner! Thank you everyone who voted. I'm a very grateful, although the top prize is nice. I'm humbled by the fact that I was chosen among my peers. Look forward to continuing in "our" craft!
  6. Soft Reflections

    cool & love the suction idea!!
  7. Soft Reflections

    Are these made for drop shot. I dont know what size they are but bet they would kill opn a drop shot.
  8. Bogs Topwater Rats

    love the dipping idea of dipping in clear plastisol. im assuming that also locks in the airbrush paint? I want to try these!!

  10. 20140930 093344

    Super cool!!
  11. Male Coppernose

    WoW very nice!
  12. Herringbaitballswimbait

    Thank you so much for the kind words!!! it means alot.... I hope it catches fish!
  13. Screenshot 2015 08 04 20 24 48

    love the colors!!
  14. 20130517 110135

    Super Great Work, Cool Story!!