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  1. Inline Spinner bait large blade gives good vibrations and chartreuse colors hard to beat bass love it
  2. Sinking fly. Weighted barbell eyes sinking, works good in rough water. Stripers love it
  3. Super Swift Minnow (SS Minnow) foils fly tubing and a super tough epoxy finish.,, After three hours of fishing it really leaves the fish stranded.
  4. Metallic Blue Gill using various foils paint and glitter with a tough epoxy clear coat
  5. I saw your foam squid lure and I thought it looked a bit like a Lures Factory Squid Zaa, very cool!

  6. Gland

    Hot Lips

    Suspending squid foam body with internal rattles and weight system. Large popping mouth creates great popping action when worked on surface. Elliptical eyes deer tail and crystal flash. Paint with glitter mist.
  7. Gland

    Sassy Streamer

    Slow sinking streamer, darting action aluminum head with deer tail and crystal flash.
  8. Gland

    Inline buzz bait

    Works through grass and heavy cover without hang ups. Custom painted blade and head with a blood red skirt collar. 3/8 oz. with a 5/0 hook. Big bass love it.
  9. Gland

    Minnow pause

    Supending darting action minnow with weight transfer system. Heavy duty wire through construction. Great for speckled trout and stripers. Tough epoxy finish.