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  1. Toads

    The Enforcer frog mold is one of the best ones I've found.
  2. Bobs or Do-It

    The Mad Dad 3xl is 3.5". They have a good flapping action but not as much as the Rage. The 3.75" Mud Bug's claws dart out to the sides & flop with a more natural action. The only way you'll get the action of a Rage Craw would be with Bob's 706 craw. Of all the stock molds produced, the 706 is my favorite craw followed by the Do-it 3.75" Mud Bug. Lots of guys like the 702 but I've caught far more fish with the 706. I ended up selling all the 702's I had & bought more 706's.
  3. Bobs or Do-It

    I also forgot to add that the Do-It Mud Bug is a great choice. You get good action along with great profile. I've caught lots of good fish on the Mud Bug.
  4. Bobs or Do-It

    I have a few of the 5" Mad Dad XC molds & they have really good action. I've since had some custom molds made & don't use them much anymore.
  5. Zoom Candy bug color?

    LC really doesn't have anything that matches up with Zoom's Junebug color. Black Grape would probably be as close as you can get with LC. Spikeit/Lureworks Junebug or Do-it Florida Grape are a closer match. Other than that Candy Bug is a Junebug color base with Emerald green & Purple glitter from what I see.
  6. Dyeing Tails

    Have you tried Spikeit/Lureworks SB Coat?
  7. Custom molds

    Print A Lure is the name of his company. He machines aluminum molds & also produces 3D printed masters.
  8. Custom molds

    I'm having a few of these molds made by Vitaly Osti of Print-A-Lure for $169.00 each. Custom designed with hook slot along with company name machined into the bait cavities.
  9. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    It's the Spike It Junebug color. It does it worse with the emerald green glitter. I found out that the D0-It X2 Florida Grape is a close match to the Spike It Junebug & doesn't blue the glitter as much.
  10. cheaper plastic

    Calhoun or Polysol. Last I checked Calhoun was $550 per 55 gallons & Polysol is $595. I personally like Polysol over Calhoun.
  11. GLitter/Clenaing Pots

    Paper towels, pam, & lots of work.
  12. Skinny swimbait mold?

    Enforcer makes this thinner swim bait in a couple of sizes. https://www.enforcerbaitmolds.com/product-page/sel437-swimbait-top-shoot-soft-plastic-bait-mold
  13. Good crappie molds??

    The Do-It 2.5" Swim Fry is a great bait. Caught lots of fish on those.
  14. Last Post Help needed dents.

    If you're in Canada, try Enforcer molds. They have a great selection & also located in Canada.
  15. Last Post Help needed dents.

    Try injecting at 320 & purge the injector before injecting.