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  1. For an off the shelf mold, I always liked the BTS 706 craw.
  2. Bait plastic is like a sponge so they will absorb water over time. Just take them out of the water & let them dry, the color will return.
  3. MF produced brown Grape & if I'm not mistaken Bears got the colors from MF. Lureworks has chameleon but it's not as deep of purple as the original brown grape.
  4. You can also mix some Lureworks jelly apple red with some midnight blue to get the original MF Brown Grape. Jelly apple red with Emerald green will get you blue craw. The jelly apple red is the base color in most color changing colors.
  5. USPS commercial regional is what we use the most.
  6. Quality Injectors on Facebook makes up to a 20oz. injector & can custom make larger ones. Bait Plastics/Polysol is a dealer for their injectors but don't know if they carry the 20oz.
  7. hpssports

    Presto Pot Mixer

    How well do these hold up next to the old Bears mixers? We run them 6-8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. May be interested in a couple.
  8. CnC Molds n Stuff tubes can be made with a 1" solid nose. I had a couple of his medium body molds & they shot great.
  9. Looks like plum.
  10. We started off using psprint but switched over to uprinting.com. Uprinting does really good high quality labels.
  11. Lureworks sparkle violet. Be careful because it's heat sensitive. I usually heat plastic up to 350 & turn back the temp to around 315-320 before adding the sparkle violet & shooting.
  12. Speed of injecting depends on the mold. I've shot some that had to be injected fast to come out well & others that had to be injected slow & steady. Every mold could be different depending on design.
  13. Another great way to make eyes is to use a salmon egg mold. Make a laminate plate out of a aluminum can & make any color you want. You can get salmon egg molds fairly cheap. Just order the size you need & shoot away.
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