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  1. Another great way to make eyes is to use a salmon egg mold. Make a laminate plate out of a aluminum can & make any color you want. You can get salmon egg molds fairly cheap. Just order the size you need & shoot away.
  2. We've got some custom ones that were made quite a few years ago. These were made using a SMC pneumatic air cylinders & hold around 28oz. There's a guy on Facebook that's now making injectors with the locking pin all the way up to 24oz. You might want to get on one of the bait making pages & look him up.
  3. hpssports

    matzuo hooks

    Only place I've been able to find them is Ebay. Been using the "Lil Nasty" for my Ned Heads but they're not near as sharp as the Matzuo.
  4. hpssports

    Tube Molds

    CNC Molds N Stuff has 6 cavity tube molds now in three different body sizes. I've been using the medium body molds for about a week now & they shoot great. Also the best price I've found.
  5. I checked out Hagen's & couldn't find them listed.
  6. Just purchased some Collins Custom molds & they use a small screw lock. I have a bunch of the standard size for other molds we have but they won't work with these. Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier for the small screw locks? Thanks.
  7. The closest I've found are the old Lake Side Molds worm. The top is from a Lake Side mold & the bottom is a Berkley.
  8. Try shooting slow & steady. Shooting too fast will cause them to bleed over.
  9. I have the regular 4.5" Frog with the same legs & it has great action. Probably the best frog molds available.
  10. Before getting into bait manufacturing we worked 20 years in the paintball industry. In the early 2000's RP Scherer tried using the corn starch based plastic/gelatin mixture. It worked well, but water would still break down the shell over time just as if they were using straight gelatin. About 8 years ago there was a start up company called Hydrotech that actually developed a plastic that could be used with a full water based fill & not break down. It instead relied on bacteria to naturally break it down. The company lost investors & never made it off the ground but I do know one of the guys that was there during the development. I may have to send him a message & see if he would share what type of plastic they were using.
  11. https://patents.google.com/patent/US4530179 Don't know if this was the same one I originally read but this one does say it's also for fish to hold on longer.
  12. Can't remember where I saw the link but someone posted a link to the original salt in bait patent & it even explained that it was used as a filler only. I wish I could find the link. I may have to do a search.
  13. Looks like Lureworks Avocado.
  14. Junebug 125 is the color we used till they stopped making it. The Florida Grape is what we switched to since it's a close match.
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