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  1. Junebug / Green Glitter Help!

    It's the Spike It Junebug color. It does it worse with the emerald green glitter. I found out that the D0-It X2 Florida Grape is a close match to the Spike It Junebug & doesn't blue the glitter as much.
  2. cheaper plastic

    Calhoun or Polysol. Last I checked Calhoun was $550 per 55 gallons & Polysol is $595. I personally like Polysol over Calhoun.
  3. GLitter/Clenaing Pots

    Paper towels, pam, & lots of work.
  4. Skinny swimbait mold?

    Enforcer makes this thinner swim bait in a couple of sizes. https://www.enforcerbaitmolds.com/product-page/sel437-swimbait-top-shoot-soft-plastic-bait-mold
  5. Good crappie molds??

    The Do-It 2.5" Swim Fry is a great bait. Caught lots of fish on those.
  6. Last Post Help needed dents.

    If you're in Canada, try Enforcer molds. They have a great selection & also located in Canada.
  7. Last Post Help needed dents.

    Try injecting at 320 & purge the injector before injecting.
  8. Color Match question

    Looks like plum, just like this one.
  9. Aquamarine Color Recipe

    They carry quite a few pearl ex colors. The orange & green make great looking crappie baits. Adding a little purple to Junebug really sets it off.
  10. Aquamarine Color Recipe

    Get some pearl ex green-purple duo powder from hobby lobby. It makes a great aquamarine color.
  11. Plastisol Colors

    The pearl x powders work great. Use quite a bit of it for crappie baits.
  12. Best All around plastic

    Yep, the initial temp is still around 350. What we do is heat up to 350 & back off the temp to around 275. Once it gets to around 275 we start injecting. We haven't had any issues with glitter suspension but we also haven't tried to inject anything over 320.
  13. Best All around plastic

    We've injected some at 320 with no problems but at 270-275 it sets up faster so we can demold quicker.
  14. Best All around plastic

    You need to keep in mind that it takes less hardener to get the plastic harder than softener to get it softer. With hardener you're adding resin & it doesn't take much. As for best plastic, everyone has their favorite. I used to like Calhoun & MF till we switched to Polysol. Polysol has a lower melting point & makes it harder to burn. We've went from an injection temp of 320 degrees down to 270-275 degrees with Polysol.
  15. Soft Plastic Calhoun

    We order 55 gallon drums from Calhoun @ $550 plus freight. Don't know for sure if they sell it in smaller quantities. They may sell 5 gallons.