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  1. Solvent

    MEK should do it. I know acetone or butyl acetate doesn't break it down very well.
  2. Who's making a good injector now?

    You can also make a spacer to block off a few cavities & just shoot a couple of worms at a time.
  3. Who's making a good injector now?

    10oz. should be enough to fill it. We have some 20 cavity 8" worm custom bookshelf molds & it takes around 13-14oz. to fill. Don't know the diameter of the worms your shooting but it shouldn't take much over 1/2 of what it takes to shoot 20 8" worms.
  4. Watermelon seed color recipe

    Looks really close to Do-It's X2 watermelon color.
  5. Senko fall rate

    It will also depend on the brand of plastic you use. Some sinks, some is more neutral, & some floats. Each type of plastic will require a different amount of salt to get the same fall rate. You'll have to do lots of testing to see what works for the type of plastic you're using.
  6. Pink pearl powder

    I'd say that color is the duo red/blue pearlex. LC just buys pearlex in bulk & resells it. I've got some of the duo green/violet & the green is a very light aqua color, so I'd say the red in the duo red/blue would be on the pink side.
  7. 3x 5" Do-It Mad Dad XC molds + 1X Claw mold

    Sold, pending payment.
  8. 3x 5" Do-It Mad Dad XC molds + 1X Claw mold

    3x Do-It 5" Mad Dad XC Craw molds + 1x Claw mold. Set retails for $232.45. Will take $165.00 shipped for the set.
  9. Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    He don't have one up at the moment. The last one I seen posted was over this past weekend & it was a 2 cavity 702 mold.
  10. Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    He's been posting molds for sale on ebay. I did notice his prices have went quite a bit.
  11. Worm molds for sale

    If you have anymore of these mold let me know, I'll take as many as I can. It's hard to find a smaller ribbon tail mold.
  12. Worm molds for sale

    ? I already sent payment last night at 730pm.
  13. Worm molds for sale

    sent email
  14. Plastisol question from a newbie

    Stick baits like a senko have the most action using a soft plastic. If you use senkos more than any of the other baits, soft would probably be the way to go. If you ever get into making some of the finesse style baits, soft works best for those too. Most everything we produce uses a soft formula except for our crappie baits, jerk baits & frogs.
  15. Plastisol question from a newbie

    You can go with medium & buy a small bottle of softener to use for the senko baits or go straight soft & get more action but lose some durability. With the soft you can always melt them back down & make new ones once they get ripped up.