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  1. hpssports

    Bleed through

    Try shooting slow & steady. Shooting too fast will cause them to bleed over.
  2. hpssports

    Enforcer Weed Beater Frog Mols

    I have the regular 4.5" Frog with the same legs & it has great action. Probably the best frog molds available.
  3. hpssports

    Gelatin Bio Plastic??

    Before getting into bait manufacturing we worked 20 years in the paintball industry. In the early 2000's RP Scherer tried using the corn starch based plastic/gelatin mixture. It worked well, but water would still break down the shell over time just as if they were using straight gelatin. About 8 years ago there was a start up company called Hydrotech that actually developed a plastic that could be used with a full water based fill & not break down. It instead relied on bacteria to naturally break it down. The company lost investors & never made it off the ground but I do know one of the guys that was there during the development. I may have to send him a message & see if he would share what type of plastic they were using.
  4. hpssports

    The lies about salt for the newbie

    https://patents.google.com/patent/US4530179 Don't know if this was the same one I originally read but this one does say it's also for fish to hold on longer.
  5. hpssports

    The lies about salt for the newbie

    Can't remember where I saw the link but someone posted a link to the original salt in bait patent & it even explained that it was used as a filler only. I wish I could find the link. I may have to do a search.
  6. hpssports

    Bears Margarita Lime

    Looks like Lureworks Avocado.
  7. hpssports

    Junebug or purple?

    Junebug 125 was Lureworks.
  8. hpssports

    Junebug or purple?

    Junebug 125 is the color we used till they stopped making it. The Florida Grape is what we switched to since it's a close match.
  9. hpssports

    Junebug or purple?

    Try Do-It X2 Florida Grape. The Florida Grape has more of a blue base.
  10. Also take a look at the Do-It Mud Bug. That's one of my favorite off the shelf molds next to the BTS 706. The Mud Bugs claws dart outward & flap. The extra thickness of the claw tips also gives them good floatation.
  11. hpssports

    Recipe or help Netbait Crawfish

    Root Beer with orange & black glitter.
  12. hpssports

    Basstackle 156 worm

    You might want to check out Ultra Molds. They also have a similar mold.
  13. hpssports

    Dead on plastix?

    Yep, it's just repackaged Polysol.
  14. hpssports


    Sent you a PM.