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  1. FM is still open, they produce all the baits for Prowler, Sneed, & a bunch of other smaller brands.
  2. I think FM Bait Co. in Leitchfield, KY only requires 1000ct. minimum per color/bait.
  3. I think the new Fusion X injection molds are stone or hard resin. I thought about ordering one myself just to play around with.
  4. Also try to inject slow & steady.
  5. Any of their molds that are covered by a utility patent can't be sold, such as the Strike King molds & Net Bait Paca molds. Those I know for sure have utility patents. Utility patents are hard to avoid because they cover a broad range.
  6. Just the standard gloss label. No need for the extra cost of vinyl for package labeling.
  7. You really don't need one. A few bubbles here & there isn't going to effect the baits much. If you're licensed business, I could see where you may need one, but for personal use I wouldn't worry about it.
  8. Chemionics has always been known for making an inconsistent product. I wouldn't expect anything different with Dead On since it's just repackaged Chemionics. I just know that the floating formula samples I received were complete garbage. I had hopes that they've changed over the years with their quality but it's not the case.
  9. I just received some samples from Chemionics(Dead On) this week of their floating soft & medium formulas & it was complete garbage. Had the same issues you're having. The soft was tearing as we were pulling samples from the molds. It's definitely not a mixing issue, it's a straight quality issue.
  10. HH-66 is the glue used for assembling & patching vinyl rafts. Used a lot in the sign business to attach vinyl pieces together.
  11. HH-66 is the same as Mend-it just not repackaged.
  12. If you go with the soft eyes use HH-66 for gluing them on. Same stuff as Mend-it but a lot cheaper. Last can I bought was $7.95 with free shipping on amazon. We use the flat stick on eyes on our swim baits then coat & fill the eye socket with HH-66. Holds the eyes in really well with no need to clear dip.
  13. Same here with Calhoun. I've got a couple of gallons sitting on the shelf that's about 4 years old. Tried some of it a while back & it yellowed. Same with some old MF I've got stashed as well. I guess if I ever use it I need to invest in some heat stabilizer.
  14. For plastic, you may want to look into Polysol/BaitPlastics, they carry colorant as well. Spikeit/Lureworks also have great selection of colors.& glitters.
  15. Look up FM Bait Co. in Leitchfield, KY. They produce for Prowler, Sneed, & a bunch of others.
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