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  1. Yep, Calhoun is still available. If you're looking for something that's easy to pour, look into the new Polysol plastic. It has a lower melting point & is thinner when heated than Calhoun. Also the cheapest way to get Calhoun is straight from Calhoun.
  2. MF heats up thinner than Calhoun & is easier to shoot & also floats which is a plus on some baits. I use both all the time depending on the baits we are running. Getting ready to replace MF with the new Polysol medium formula. It heats up thin like MF & has a lower melting point.
  3. I had the same problem with black grape. I switched to spikeit Junebug & haven't had a problem with it.
  4. I think Curt over at enforcer molds has a big grub.
  5. If you're selling scented baits, laminated bags are a must to keep the scent & oils in. Baits for personal use or for jigs & jig heads etc., poly bags would be fine. If you're selling unscented baits, you may get by with poly bags. I would still look for a higher quality, thicker mil poly bag for the unscented baits just to be safe.
  6. We've done allot of testing with Calhoun on our crappie & panfish baits. We caught over 65 white & yellow bass on one of our single gourmet grubs, It was looking rough but it was hanging in there. We're going to be testing some of the new polysol this weekend. It seems to have allot of stretch to it.
  7. I've been testing glitters from ispikeit.com & they work great. They also carry the string glitters.
  8. Our top three selling standard colors are Green Pumpkin, Junebug, & Watermelon, in that order.
  9. ispikeit.com has everything you need to get started. We've switch over to some of their colors & glitters and they work great.
  10. Dayton motor is what Bear uses on his system.
  11. I use MF chartreuse powder.
  12. Ultra Molds has the same design as Bears & ships allot quicker.
  13. For injection you would need a dual injector & top shooting molds.
  14. The newest Polysol formulas are also great.
  15. BTSmolds also makes some slide bar molds.