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  1. Yep, the initial temp is still around 350. What we do is heat up to 350 & back off the temp to around 275. Once it gets to around 275 we start injecting. We haven't had any issues with glitter suspension but we also haven't tried to inject anything over 320.
  2. We've injected some at 320 with no problems but at 270-275 it sets up faster so we can demold quicker.
  3. You need to keep in mind that it takes less hardener to get the plastic harder than softener to get it softer. With hardener you're adding resin & it doesn't take much. As for best plastic, everyone has their favorite. I used to like Calhoun & MF till we switched to Polysol. Polysol has a lower melting point & makes it harder to burn. We've went from an injection temp of 320 degrees down to 270-275 degrees with Polysol.
  4. We order 55 gallon drums from Calhoun @ $550 plus freight. Don't know for sure if they sell it in smaller quantities. They may sell 5 gallons.
  5. We're working with a guy that does 3D printing for prototype purposes only, then does the cnc machining. He can print a 3D model of the actual bait to see what it will look like, 3D print a prototype mold for injection tests, & then cut our production molds with a cnc. One of our new baits we are coming out is currently going through this process.
  6. You still have to file for a federal tax ID #. After federal you have to file for state tax ID for sales tax. Most wholesale companies will want a copy of your state tax ID. They usually just ask for the state ID because you can't register for state ID without a federal #. But in some cases they will accept the federal ID. But I do know a federal ID is required regardless of any state. Been filing for my company for the last 20 years.
  7. Most any of the mass produced molds out there doesn't step on any patents except for some the the molds coming from the Ukraine such as the D-Bomb & Pac Chunk molds they are offering. Most of what you'll have to look for is name Trademarks. But my advise would be, if you're going to sell baits for profit you'll need a business license. All it would take is one unhappy customer to turn you in & it'll end up costing more than it's worth.
  8. iSpikeit.com has everything you'll need to start. If you start ordering lots of plastic, (5+ gallons) polysolpolymers.com is the way to go. They now have their own colorant & are suppose to be adding glitters.
  9. Enforcer has one that's really close to the Creme Scoundrel.
  10. The 710 from basstackle will give you more of a flopping action like the paca.
  11. You can use a mixture of white pearl & silver pearl powder. I do this for natural shad colors. As for shipping, regional boxes tend to be cheaper than flat rate. We ship most of our product regional.
  12. Calhoun is great plastic, never had any problems. Polysol has a lower melting point & works great if you're using a microwave. Heats up thin like MF.
  13. Yep, Calhoun is still available. If you're looking for something that's easy to pour, look into the new Polysol plastic. It has a lower melting point & is thinner when heated than Calhoun. Also the cheapest way to get Calhoun is straight from Calhoun.
  14. MF heats up thinner than Calhoun & is easier to shoot & also floats which is a plus on some baits. I use both all the time depending on the baits we are running. Getting ready to replace MF with the new Polysol medium formula. It heats up thin like MF & has a lower melting point.
  15. I had the same problem with black grape. I switched to spikeit Junebug & haven't had a problem with it.