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  1. You can jerk any minnow style bait...however, I think most designated jerk baits have a more neutral buoyancy so that they can suspend when you pull and pause.
  2. $220 is expensive for the Iwata Eclypse....check ebay too...you should be able to get those for under $150
  3. Call Mike Fauple from Alumilite, he is a great guy and will help you with your problem. 800-447-9344
  4. I use whats called a California Air Tools....It is by far one of the quietest ones I've ever heard and oiless and has leasted me 2 years so far and thousands of baits!....I love it and works in the same room as me without knocking me off my feet from the sound. Been using the Iwata HP-CS since I started....started with what I felt was the best for what I'm doing without skimping. http://www.amazon.com/California-Air-Tools-CAT-10020-10-0-Gallon/dp/B00889ZYOW/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1461155816&sr=8-17&keywords=california+air+tools
  5. Are these wood or plastic?
  6. Resin is resin...I use Alumilite for now. I let mine settle for a week or more before doing anything with them....scuff sand and wipe down with an alcohol/water solution, prime coat and paint with minimal issues. Some folks even go as far as washing their blanks in the dishwasher with dawn dishwashing liquid prior. Overall, patience is key....don't RUSH any process. Good Luck
  7. I try not to ever let this happen...the freezing will mess with the properties of the paint and could cause it to lose opaqueness, thickness and blending qualities. Store them at room temp for best results.
  8. I've always used Sakura Pen Touch paint pens for signing.....gold or silver
  9. Try Zinsser or Kilz water based primer instead ;-)
  10. I feel there are a few things that drive the traffic to a site most. 1. Offering a quality product 2. Social media like Facebook 3. Updating and Events 4. New Products 5. Word of mouth First off, if you have a site which promotes a specific product, it should obviously be a quality product which is in demand. Connect your site/blog to a good social media page like Facebook....I know, for some, FB can be a pain in the butt, however its a great vehicle to reach thousands of people in a short period of time. I am constantly updating my website; so it is a good idea to learn how to manage your site YOURSELF, without having to rely on someone else to do it. New products offered from time to time helps as well. Finally, word of mouth....have your site on a card or tell people about it all the time.....They will spread the word. Good Luck!
  11. Well...My goal is "balance" offer up a nice design and quality finish with an awesome action and success rate. I think I have achieved all of that. I want to offer a great lure to those looking for "craftmanship" and good looking bait and offer to those a bait with great functionality, durabilty and fish catching qualities. I use ONLY the baits that I produce and my muskie catching success has not gone down at all, but rather increased for me. I could care less if they have gills, fins or fancy color....for me its about catching fish and when I designed my bait, action was number one for me....The paint just comes natural.
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    Warmouth Sunfish
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