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  1. I agree with your statement. I factor my cost of plastic I'm using in a batch for my pricing, so in a sense the customer is paying for it. I also didn't get my business where it is in the time frame without spending late nights in my shop after my full time day job. My goal is for it to be my day job, but that's my driving factor for now.
  2. Money is not a problem. My margins and my business work, I have plenty of room to make money. I do re-melt as I go in my pots, however at the end of the batch I'm still left with extra in the pot and a bit from injectors, over this past year, that end plastic has accumulated so I'm looking to get it to someone else who likes to re-melt. With injection, I now design my molds to have smaller sprues. This minimizes that sprue waste. I do order 5 gallons of plastic at a time, and I make money out of it. Enough to advance my equipment as well as progress my business within a year's time. Going into next year after seeing how much I've used I will be ordering a drum at the beginning of the year.
  3. I have many colors. Mainly bass fishing colors such as watermelon red, watermelon candy, black n blue, junebug, etc. As well as "shad/swimbait" type colors. I can send you some pictures of my colors. Right now I have gallon ziploc bags full of excess plastic in just about each color, as well as extra on my shelves. I typically will re-use the plastic in my heating pots. But now I am moving on to injection and as my production demand keeps growing I find myself not re-using the plastic to keep a more pure color in the lures. But for a hobbyist or someone just looking to re-melt existing colors for new baits, I definitely have plenty of plastic. I'm not looking to get rich, but would rather just make a few bucks off of scrap plastic instead of throwing in the trash.
  4. Anyone here have a connection with a recycling company that will recycle the plastic? I am currently looking for a company that would possibly buy my excess plastic for recycling to make other products and materials. Not looking to get rich off of my waste plastic, but selling for a few bucks would make me feel better than throwing it in the trash. I've researched and companies like Zoom and other soft plastic lure manufacturers send their plastic overseas to be recycled and re-used to create soles and tennis shoes parts.
  5. I'd say between 64oz to a gallon of one color. My demand hasn't needed more than that amount in a round of making. However my demand is growing and not sure if I can keep up with my current set up. I'm limited in time being that I have a day job. So a machine when I can produce more lures in lesser time would be Ideal for me. Hand injection keeps me in the shop for too long in an evening.
  6. I am looking for an injection machine to produce more lures. I currently use hand injection and mixing pots. I'm aware of Jacobs Baits machines, but I'm looking for something in between what Bear used to sell and a simple Zorn-type machine. I am looking to shoot laminates or two color mixes with it as well. Can anyone lead me in a direction of where to find one for a moderate price tag? Thanks
  7. I have recently dabbled in this concept. I have been able to utilize 3D printing very successfully. I've only done a few single cavity molds. But now looking to increase the cavities per mold.
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