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  1. Hey don't mean to randomly jump into this but I'm having an issue when I'm shooting my 5" senko. Sometimes they come out just fine other times I will have flat spots on some of not all of the baits on all random spots of the bait.. Any idea as to what's going on? And help would be great thank you guys
  2. Hey guys. I've gotten into pouring stick baits "senkos" I'm having an issue with them. When I pull them from the mold there will be some flat spots on some of the worms any idea what's going on?
  3. I had the mad dad craw mold in the 3 in and I like it a lot but I just hate that it is a single cavity mold. Has anyone used Bob's split tail beaver bait?
  4. Hmmm what size would you recommend getting to start with for the 702? And anyone know if there is a used one for sale?
  5. I have not tried that one but I have seen you talk about it a lot MonteSS. What do you like about it? and have you ever made hula grubs? or twin tails?
  6. Hey you guys. I am looking at getting a couple more molds. I am wanting to get a nice beaver mold thats about 4.25" long and a 6" finesse worm for darter heading and shakey heading. The beaver I haave taken a look at the BTS split tail and was wondering what your guys' thought would be on that one or if you had an other suggestions? Also if anyone has any molds like that or a 6" worm I might be willing to purchase, however I am not wanting anything under 4 cavities because I have found lower that that is a pain to make a lot quickly. Thoughts and opinions? Also, I want to get a twin tail and hula grub??
  7. Hey guys so I've been watching some videos and some people add color before hearing and some add it after does it make a difference and if so, what is the difference?
  8. And how should I leave them? Just flat on a table? Or hanging some how? In water?
  9. Ok so I have already ran into my next problem. I bagged some baits and when I went to use them a few days later they were all bent up. How long should I wait before bagging them to minimize this from happening? Or should I lay them out for a while to fully set up or...? Any help would be great.
  10. Ok haha thank you just curious and idea where I should start with how much to hard? If I can help it I don't want to waste a bunch of plastic you know? However I understand if you'd like to keep that to your self man. Haha
  11. I am using doits ES regular formula right now. I just having flipping creature baits and a senko. Idk if I should add hardener or not or anything else to add? I am using doits ES regular formula right now. I just having flipping creature baits and a senko. Idk if I should add hardener or not or anything else to add?
  12. Hey, so I have an other question. I'm not trying to steal anyone's recipe or anything but I'm having trouble with durability with my plastics. Me and a buddy went to a golf course pond last night where we knew we would catch fish but to see how but I wanted to see how durable my baits were. We caught 12 fish between the 2 of us but I feel like we went through too many baits. I don't want to make a plastic that is a one and done. I want something that can last a couple fish but still soft enough to have the proper action. The baits are for freshwater bass fishing so I don't want them to be a harder plastic like saltwater baits but soft enough to have the proper action the bait offers but durable enough to to last several fish. Hope this makes sense y'all. Any help would be great. Thank you.
  13. Its like a syringe at the doctors. Also you're not holding it completely vertical more so angled over the cup you're pulling you're plastic from this way the air will be at the nozzel and get pushed out. Once the air is out plastic will run out but this is why you hold it over the cup you are pulling from so the plastic that runs out falls back into the cup. Hope I made sense and It works for me and seems pretty safe. At least for me anyways. You know?
  14. With hardeners and softener me you add them and mix before you heat the plastisol right?
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