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  1. Id be careful from ordering from bobs unless you talk to him. Are you wanting to make these craws for your self or to sell? If your wanting for just for your self pm me
  2. Hey are they all from bobs? Ive heard alot about him being out of business but im not for sure. I had the 702 craw and loved it
  3. owenbyc

    Recipe or help Netbait Crawfish

    Awesome. Thanks guys i appreciate it
  4. Hey everybody. Im looking for somebodys help for this color. Its called crawfish for netbait. Thanks guys
  5. owenbyc

    Bts twin tail grub mold

    Brand new I just got in today. 2 cavity.Not exactly what I was looking for. I paid $59 I'm asking $50 shipped to your door. Thank you
  6. owenbyc

    Need A Chartreuse Recipe

    So your saying a lot of drops of chartreuse before heating. How many do y'all think? Also don't add yellow?
  7. owenbyc

    Need A Chartreuse Recipe

    Hey everyone I got that bts 702 craw mold. I'm wanting to make the tips chartreuse. I bought lure crafts chartreuse and yellow. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy thanks giving everyone
  8. owenbyc

    Help With Rootbeer

    I hear you and yes I'm trying to get close to zooms. Here's a picture I found online the tails is exactly what I'm shooting for
  9. owenbyc

    Help With Rootbeer

    Yes it was the before picture. That was 4 drops for the 4 oz
  10. owenbyc

    Help With Rootbeer

    This is gonna be hard ain't it. This was the first one I poured looked great at first then turned
  11. owenbyc

    Help With Rootbeer

    Ok thanks I'll try that. I did 8 on last one so I'll try 9. I have orange too I wonder if 1 drop of that would look closer. Thanks guys
  12. owenbyc

    Help With Rootbeer

    Yes it is weird. That's my favorite color and I don't know what to do. Does anybody have a recipe or uses rootbeer from another place besides lurecraft
  13. owenbyc

    Help With Rootbeer

    Hi everyone I'm new to pouring plastics but I feel I'm doing pretty good by reading on this board. My question is I can't get close to rootbeer like zooms rootbeer pepper green flake. I bought a ton of colors from lurecraft. I'm using medium plastic from baitjunkys. First I did 4 oz plastic 4 drops rootbeer and it looked good after I poured. So I put them on a cookie sheet. Next day they all turned to a really clear color. So I tried again 8 drops to 4 oz plastic. They looked like rootbeer but a little more orange. I thought ok if they lighten up I should be close. Next day same thing clear again. I shook up the rootbeer color a lot before putting in the plastic. Any help guys? God bless