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  1. The 4.5 frog is a beast. It draws a lot of strikes and has landed some huge fish.
  2. It will twin inject yes, it will not with laminate plates or hand pours. The easy stretch will laminate but is a sinking plastic.
  3. I really like both of his frogs
  4. It will not laminate, it floats though
  5. With the plate in place if your shooting both sides with a home made plate only one side has vents. The other side chokes out on air. You can use a razor knife to scarthe mold from the tails to the edge and both halves will inject properly.
  6. try to use a little thinner, when you remove it the excess removes easier before hanging.
  7. Definitely a bass tackle 627 is 3 inch 628 is 3.5 629 is 4 I believe
  8. Got to actually visit with Bear recently, we talked for an hour and it seemed he was glad to have a little company. His heart and desire are still with the shop but his health just is not letting it take place at this time. Prayers to him and his family, he is a good man and I have appreciated his hospitality and friendship for a few years. He helped lead this tight niche of an industry and maintained the ability to be personable and caring to his customers. Glad I got to see him and hear some Bear stories again. Heck I may have to go back to say hello next month.
  9. Awesome response. Man this hobby is just so crazy addictive. There are days when all the people around you say man what are you using and all you can say is I promise you that you dont have any. I usually give a few to them when I leave just so they can have some fun too. Three people have actually asked for my number before I left and now they are hooked too.
  10. Cub 48 left out every type of glitter plus powders, highlights, paints, etc. Man I lost my shed over this. It was nice for the mower, tools, and other items. Now its strictly baits. Microwaves, colorants, trays, plastisols, glitters, vices, tables, bags, scent, injectors, and all others. Man I even purge from time to time only to accumulate more.
  11. yes I have done it before
  12. BH what type of bait are you using. I have been using it for over 7 months. It does live up to the billing but as any bait thin areas will tear.
  13. Bounce is a floating plastic and is pretty tough but the specks can shred it if the bait has any thin areas near the tail. This plastic is great for everything else and is so far easy to work with. The easy stretch is yet to be placed on the site but is much tougher. In the winter when the specks are less aggressive it was easily catching 25 to 30 fish per bait. THis spring those numbers have reduced down to 10 to 20. It does still give you great action however. The original looking swim baits last longer than the new boot tail baits with extremely thin tails. The easy stretch is also a sinking plastic. It is 4 gallons for 100 plus shipping, slightly harder to work than bounce.
  14. I can get 10 to 20 in the MF easy stretch medium firm with trout and reds in the cocodrie area.
  15. The easy stretch (sinking) and bounce (floating) plastisols are tougher than soft more like a medium firm and medium respectively. They have great action and hold up well. Never tried 464 but have heard good things. Gonna be hard to beat the bounce plastic.
  16. MF has a new product out that is very good in the saltwater as well. Its called easy stretch, will get bubbles on occasion but is very good. Bubbles will popout quick. They also make one that is a little softer but awesome. A floating plastic called bounce. It is a lively plastic that creates great action and motion.
  17. MF disco violet looks the same too.
  18. Yes, I did not see anything wrong with giving away plastic that was in a response to a post. We get free samples and discuss them. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything correct. If the product is good it gets good ratings and if poor the same. Just read how argumentative post are pulled and bickering is pulled. Did not think trying free samples was either one. Guess free samples and asking for a review is to much to ask sometimes. I respect the companies offer not because it was free,but because it was asking for the hobbyist opinion in return. Showing some great customer service in my opinion.
  19. What happened to the post for free sample plastic. Looking for it since I did comment on it. If you moved it please tell me where to.
  20. To see a pic of the blue gray colorant go to their facebook page and it has a couple of them.
  21. MF Manufacturing also carries smoke blue pearl. I believe it is a closer match than blue gray which is awesome in its self
  22. Curt is un believable. I love his frogs and swim baits greatly. I have the2 inch 2.5 inch swims and the 4inch enforcer swim all great baits. I have the 3.5 kicker and 4.5 enforcer frogs. The lunastick too. Ordering the 4 inch curl tail worm, big cur tail worm, and 6.5 finesse too. The tube is coming after that. His service is beyond great, his honesty is there too. Fair priced and appreciative of his customers. He started a forum as well and its starting to gain momentum too.
  23. Looks great how did you do it.
  24. Saw a new forum getting started. Enforcer molds has a new forum starting. Just letting you guys know, He does great work on his molds and customer service is good. Like to see it work for the guy.
  25. Enforcer does a great job. The baits are very effective.
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