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  1. can any one ID this so called air compressor hand held?
  2. what is mounted red thing attached to your airbrush?
  3. I just started to use some epoxy clear coat I got along time ago it produces a nice solid clear coat hopefuly hold up to abuse fishing!
  4. I use craft paint you find at Walmart just thin it down with orange cleaner to the point of milk!
  5. bigblue2

    any one!

    how about using the lathe any designs that you use?
  6. bigblue2

    any one!

    thanks travis at least I am in the same boat what type of wood lures do you produce?
  7. bigblue2

    any one!

    I am wondering if any one still makes lures on this site I am wondering what happened to creating wood lures from start to finish I have been here a long time just looking for someone that still does this stuff.
  8. are you still looking for someone to paint your lure blanks I could help you I have a lot of painting history get in touch with me!
  9. do you have any pictures of a lure you would be using?
  10. what type of designs are you looking for?
  11. what would be a good lure painting pattern to follow on this lure ?
  12. just checking in I have been using a new kind of glue to hold my lure eyelets in it is called go2 glue it is made by locktite it takes 24 hours to cure but holds on very well!
  13. I make musky lure blanks in the 8"range out of wood!
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