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  1. how about a thin bandsaw blade or scroll saw!
  2. here is a popper lure that I made get back to me about more details.
  3. are we talking wood or plastic blanks?
  4. yes I am using a 60watt led uv light mounted on a stand to shine on the lure blanks works good but can take up to 4 hours to cure I think it is probably the uv resin.i don't use a turner just a wood rack with nails to suspend the lure blanks have to rotate blanks to get all sides cured!
  5. what style are you looking for a topwater, diver ,cigar shaped detailed?post some pictures
  6. now its been 2 hours and they are almost cured could it be the bottom of the clear coat uv bottle contained the better uv resins?
  7. is there anyone using uv clear coat its something new for me but it seems to work well if you wait at least 4 hours to cure what is the reason for waiting so long?
  8. bigblue2


    sinks nice in water but have not tried in a lake yet! but should work well!
  9. want to hear a good one how about a automatic ballast system just set the perfect depth and the lure could maintain a given depth suspended?
  10. I guess what I am really getting at can the correct weight balanced lure be so accurate to suspend at a given depth almost all the time?
  11. so if the lure drops at say 1 ft per second that would be a good measurement to go by if the lure weight is less it seems that it does not balance out the body so I have to get a standard weight to go by so each lure acts the same or close to it?
  12. is there some kind of time measurement of sinking rate say a foot per second compared to weight of lure I suppose?
  13. I recently weighted some diver lure I made and water tested them in a 5 gallon pail the sink down fairly fast slightly resting on the bottom how deep do you think they will act when thrown in a lake will they flutter down and rest on bottom say 20 feet will they stop?
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