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  1. hey dave could you send me ballast calculater please jeffkosbab@mediacombb.net
  2. can't wait to see your new paint jobs
  3. bigblue2

    assorted lure bodys blanks

  4. bigblue2

    assorted lure bodys blanks

    did you get the pictures of lure blanks?
  5. bigblue2

    assorted lure bodys blanks

    I will have to shoot some pics of the lure blanks and will get back to you
  6. bigblue2

    assorted lure bodys blanks

    yes I still have almost 300 left
  7. yes it looks about the same one that I have should work.
  8. yes I use uv resin to coat my wood baits it is easy to do just brush on a heavy coat of resin an place under a uv lamp I have a 30watt led uv strip lamp works very good let the bait under the uv lamp for just a few minutes and it should work it does not take a big uv lamp to set it off uv is a really good product to use!
  9. bigblue2

    assorted lure bodys blanks

    no they do not have bills! I sent you a text message with pics get back to me!
  10. I have been using uv resin hard most let soak in with a handmade eye hook never have one to fail putting some pressure on it uv cures fast and solid!
  11. my name is jeff kosbab text me 507-441-1297
  12. can you post some pictures in the gallery?
  13. what do you want done base coat painted details?
  14. bigblue2

    Uv eyes

    hi dgagner I just followed your instuctions on making uv eyes for my crankbaits and it turned out perfect could not have thought it would be so easy and quick! big blue
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