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  2. flat sided diver

    hey just logging in for a while heres what I created a 2-1/2"diver lure with engraved gill plate and scales just learning to use a cordless engraver so what is your opinons
  3. WTB: Saltwater jigheads

    could you send me a picture of this jig you want made I will need to get picture and buy or make jig mold thanks bigblue2
  4. fixing sprung split rings

    hey I just repaired the split rings just a little coaxing with needle nose plier rings completely closed now
  5. fixing sprung split rings

    how would I fix sprung split rings on hard baits?
  6. first baits finished

    how about some pictures!
  7. cnc wood lathe

    could any one give info on cnc wood lathe video that been up here need to contact person that listed it.
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