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  1. I make musky lure blanks in the 8"range out of wood!
  2. does any one know about this I am really serious!
  3. I am wondering if any one has ever done a cnc converted wood lathe using a small router or Dremel tool what kind of software is required to run it and how many axis is needed any suggestions?
  4. is there any one out there doing lathe turned topwater lures and assembly like this? just trying to spark some ideas this thread has gone lacking stuff to talk ABOUT!
  5. I also would not source out work to china I would only use American sources hey dave do you have any work at home jobs here I am looking for a side job doing any related to fishing lures?
  6. could you vodkaman send out a point to point schematic of the flasher circuit?
  7. if your looking for a permanent fix solder or braze with a light butane torch but heat enough to melt the solder or brazing rod.
  8. hello gino I make flat stencils from plastic sheets I have made a lot of different ones here are some pictures of some lures I painted with stencils I also have others too.
  9. bigblue2

    8 inch trout

    hello how did you get such fine detail on the blanks do you paint or paint pens or all air brush?
  10. bigblue2

    10 four piece trout

    how do you do the finish is it painted or stencil or wrap?
  11. hey for hunting mode do the lures use their eyes what colors do you need for this function?
  12. all you need is a wire forming pliers to make the loop then put a 3/4"stem and a couple of drops super glue let dry and put a drop at the outsde to give extra holding power!
  13. speaking of that I make my own lure eye hooks just make a small loop with some .30 welding wire mounted with super glue I have never had one fail yet!
  14. where do you get the clearcast 7000 finish
  15. I like the colors you are doing very at deco! you also must have turned on a lathe.the finish is great it looks a mile deep nice work!
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