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  1. do you ever consider soft wood as pine, cedar there easy to cut but very durable!
  2. hi I was just wondering if minwax one coat polyurethane 3x will hold up I use it to cover my topwater lures?i have to slightly thin it out with orange clean citric acid usually put on 3 coats and let dry for a few days.i spray it with a finish sprayer!
  3. I still think a lathe is the right way to get this done the details will be much more evident between turnings lol
  4. hello I could help you I have some talent making lure blanks just send me some pics of what you want and maybe I could help!
  5. hi am just wondering if you guys think this would be a good lure to pursue making?
  6. what does a red shiner lure look like?
  7. hi thanks for your comment could you give me a idea of what a red shiner lure would look like?
  8. deep diver with flame stencil
  9. here is a picture of my diving lure with stencil flame and 3-d eye thanks for all the help!
  10. hi I am looking to start painting flat sided lures with stencils and am wondering if any one knows about them like how to make or buy them this would be my first time painting so I would really like suggestions thanks!
  11. hey dale I just found this post do you need some lure blanks of your old lure maybe I could help just write me back with info thanks big blue!
  12. hi guys:i just ordered a web cam for my computer so it may take some time to make videos of the lure blank lathe sled hope you are still interested in maybe buying sincerely jeff kosbab
  13. hey jaws I am first getting my camera setup to make videos have a chance to get it working in a day or two thanks for your interest any way!
  14. hi am been working on a project you may be interested in its a lathe copy sled with a guide is made of walnut it is designed to cut out a pattern that has been made into a guide block mostly used to turn out large topwater lures it is the first copy I have done already but can do smaller turnings ! well plese comment on what you think
  15. topwater wood lure blanks made on lathe made of birch wood 6"+1.50" long+wide.may be good for bass, musky,pike make lure any way you want!