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  1. try fish hair from minnesota
  2. i recently tryed to paint some lure blanks with neon craft paint did 3-coats and still did not cover well what should i do?
  3. i get the same type of shine from refined lead from super heating it to remove scum and debris from the lead!
  4. i think i could copy this easy enough do you supply paint and sealer?
  5. i use soleraz uv activated clear coat which is very strong and glossy!
  6. bigblue2

    WANTED: Some custom lure work

    do you have any pictures of the lures you want painted?
  7. bigblue2


    very nice is it handmade
  8. i make topwater plug blanks what types are you looking for?
  9. i like what your doing on lure please add more of your progress to gallery when you get more steps done!
  10. hey dave could you send me ballast calculater please jeffkosbab@mediacombb.net
  11. can't wait to see your new paint jobs
  12. bigblue2

    assorted lure bodys blanks

  13. bigblue2

    assorted lure bodys blanks

    did you get the pictures of lure blanks?
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