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  1. I recently am trying out uv cured resin for clear coating it is taking a long time to cure under a 10 watt uv lamp anyone know why it is taking so long I have heard it is suppose to take a matter of minutes but it is taking hours what am I doing wrong?
  2. why not try krylon in the can it might surprise you on how good it works!
  3. I just started to use my 8-place drying wheel that I made with a small 12rpm motor I am using a 5-hour to 12 hour epoxy just waiting to dry hope it all works out!
  4. bigblue2


    what kind of lure is this got any more camera angles?
  5. thanks for all the info my lures have been drying for 12 hours just a little tacky should be cured in 24 hours again thanks for all your inputs!
  6. this is for my old resin mix just to get it to work until I get my uv activated resin!
  7. hey bob thanks for answer to my question I am waiting 5 hours for tacky 24 cured hope my new stuff works!
  8. i just purchased 2- 75 watt uv black lights and a bottle of uv resin should this work for clear coating lure blanks?
  9. i just coated some lure blanks with a 2-part epoxy brand new bottle! how do you speed up curing time I mixed it 1:1 ratio?
  10. I mixed up my last of old epoxy I had left and applied to sticky lures let dry for a few more hours and no more sticky coats thanks bobp!
  11. the lures are still sticky after 12 hours drying time maybe I will have to add more hardner next time
  12. I just purchased some 2-part epoxy and mixed it 1to1 ratio how long will it take to dry and cure to touch?
  13. why don't you try dipping in polyurethane coating!
  14. hey I use very small eye hooks with a pin going thru them to make a hinged lure!
  15. thanks j it looks pretty straight forward to understand cutting on band saw thanks for your info!
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