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  1. bigblue2

    Lead fumes venting setups

    how about a small box fan blowing thru 4 air duct with some kind of chute near your pouring station venting it out a window or door exhaust vented out side!
  2. bigblue2

    led mounted into hard baits

    hey I am in the process of making a led flasher for lures got the plans off of bing
  3. bigblue2

    led mounted into hard baits

    whats the faraday effect lighted lure?
  4. bigblue2

    led mounted into hard baits

    has any one ever installed some led lights into a hard body lure just seeing whats out there?
  5. bigblue2

    Preserving carving details

    they sound nice how about some pictures?
  6. bigblue2

    red white blue lure

    does any one make a red white blue painted lures for 4th of july?
  7. bigblue2

    plastic mold

    hard plastic, does this need a wood or aluminum mold and needs a injecter
  8. bigblue2

    plastic mold

    I am trying to make a mold for plastic lure bodys do I need to inject plastic into this mold what are my options can I pour or inject?
  9. bigblue2

    low price hvlp gun ?

    they offer many other models in their selection higher cfm so look at the selections they offer but one point is that it is they are very quiet compared to other brands!
  10. bigblue2

    Through-Wire Frame, Screw Eyes, & Diving Lips

    I make my own wire eyes using .030 steel welding wire just barrel twist the wire drill small hole and epoxy it in I have never had one fail so far!
  11. bigblue2

    low price hvlp gun ?

    if you are looking for a good compressor try looking at California air tools they make a real nice 1gallon 100psi light+quiet model 1p1060s I have one it works very well. and it sells for a little less than $100.00
  12. bigblue2

    low price hvlp gun ?

    try harbor freight tools they have a few different models
  13. bigblue2

    Glitter and Epoxy

    yes I mean sizes of glitter is important I will check out when I go to dollar tree next time!
  14. bigblue2

    Glitter and Epoxy

    how would glitter from dollar tree work
  15. bigblue2

    Lures On A Lathe

    does any one have ideas about cnc lathes to make lures on just trying to find some help on whats out there?