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  1. first baits finished

    how about some pictures!
  2. cnc wood lathe

    could any one give info on cnc wood lathe video that been up here need to contact person that listed it.
  3. DSCF0266.JPG

  4. DSCF0268.JPG

  5. DSCF0264.JPG

  6. DSCF0263.JPG

  7. DSCF0260.JPG

  8. DSCF0259.JPG

  9. DSCF0258.JPG

  10. DSCF0258.JPG

  11. Need Help looking for crankbait

    do you have any pictures of one ?
  12. High Capacity Air Brush

    I use a 1pint air sprayer for base coat on larger amounts of lures and also works good for spraying clearcoat I use polyurethane clear and I covers in a few coats
  13. oak topwater lure blanks poppers

    oak topwater lures poppers 3.5"+1"primered
  14. birch topwater lure blanks

    birch topwater lure blanks 5.5"+1.5" unfinished
  15. cedar topwater lure blanks

    cedar topwater lure blanks 5"+1" unfinished lot of 10