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  1. bigblue2

    Lead Question ( I'm no expert)

    I will be checking for lead at a local glass shop!
  2. bigblue2

    Lead Question ( I'm no expert)

    what would be a good price per pound?
  3. bigblue2

    Lead Question ( I'm no expert)

    how about the lead they use for stain glass manufacturing ?
  4. does any one know how to make a wood flat sided 1-jointed swim baits around 4.5" any drawings or pictures?
  5. bigblue2

    fishing lure contest

    the fishing lure contest has started why hasn't anyone entered?
  6. bigblue2

    Wire for Hook hangers

    just take the .030 wire and form the eye wrap until you make the right size loops with looping pliers drill 1/8" hole fill in with super glue adhesive
  7. bigblue2

    Wire for Hook hangers

    hey jeff try using mig/mag welding wire #.030 diameter I comes in 2-pound rolls you can get one for around $10.00 on ebay you can make hook hangers and eyelets real easy.
  8. bigblue2

    copy machine

    how about a wood lathe converted to cnc how would a person go about making or buying one?
  9. bigblue2

    Having trouble with stencils for crankbaits

    try grafix 9+12" 25 sheets clear-lay plastic film from blick art supplys works very well for stencils!
  10. bigblue2

    Any "REAL" custom crank bait makers left?

    would anyone have the talent to paint topwater lure blanks like these?