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  1. how do you paint a fish type pattern on these lure blanks, just trying to have some advice from you guys!
  2. bigblue2

    wood lure blanks

    does anyone still make wood lure blanks either by hand or machine of some kind looking for topwater and lipless diver styles just looking for some new ideas. any pictures would be nice!
  3. bigblue2


    what kind of air brush is it expensive?
  4. bigblue2

    assorted lure bodys blanks

    items listed match to pictures 8-shallow diver lures,6-shallow diver,18-shallow diver,21-shallow diver,16-misc.9-large topwater,12-large topwater,40-small shallow diver,33-small shallow diver,13-small shallow diver,34-4"&1 1/2"wood blanks,28-4"&5"&3 1/2" wood blanks round,6-4"topwater popper would like to sell for $198 but will take best offer.please call 507-822-7644 thanks bigbblue2.this is a total of 264.
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  10. bigblue2

    Lead fumes venting setups

    how about a small box fan blowing thru 4 air duct with some kind of chute near your pouring station venting it out a window or door exhaust vented out side!
  11. bigblue2

    led mounted into hard baits

    hey I am in the process of making a led flasher for lures got the plans off of bing
  12. bigblue2

    led mounted into hard baits

    whats the faraday effect lighted lure?
  13. bigblue2

    led mounted into hard baits

    has any one ever installed some led lights into a hard body lure just seeing whats out there?
  14. bigblue2

    Preserving carving details

    they sound nice how about some pictures?
  15. bigblue2

    red white blue lure

    does any one make a red white blue painted lures for 4th of july?