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  1. OK thanks I'll have to look into that and read more!
  2. So you can use the like 2 dollar bottles of paint you can buy at like Meijer or Walmart in the craft section? I didn't know if it had to be airbrush paint specifically or not and how would I go about thinning that paint down? Just water? Or something else?
  3. I was wondering what other people's favorite paints are to use for lures because I'm using ready to spray stuff from like us art supply that I got in the 12 color 1 Oz bottle set when I first bought the airbrush to start with and was wondering what people's opinions on the different types of paint to use such as create or auto air just to name a couple as im wanting to buy more colors and expand what i can do now. Thanks!
  4. Thanks it means a lot I just got it clear coated and waiting for it to dry to post a final picture but it looks better with the clear coat!
  5. Thanks! I appreciate the advice I'll have to work on that I'm gonna get some blanks here soon to work with just haven't yet
  6. Today i painted my very first lure and it was an old beat up Hot n Tot that i found when i was fishing and I removed the remaining paint and decided to paint it today and without having much airbrushing experience i went with a firetiger pattern and I am really happy with the way it turned out. now to add some epoxy and clear it and add some hooks but i just wanted to share my first lure with you guys! If you guys have any tips that could be useful for me with painting lures feel free to post them all help is appreciated. Thanks!
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