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  1. Defective Blanks

    Just to let everyone know that the situation has been resolved. I received an email asking for me to call. The gentleman on the phone was very polite and reiterated he has not had problems with these particular blanks. As the man was in his warehouse, he took a sampling of his particular stock while we continued to talk. He did indeed did find a significant error rate with the problems as I described. This batch from his manufacturer will not be sold and he is contacting them. As for me, he will be sending a package to make the situation right. Very polite and understanding on the phone. I am glad that this has been resolved and I can in good faith continue to do business with him as other blanks I have received from him have been top notch.
  2. Defective Blanks

    Actually they were DT16 blanks. Either way. After another email, I finally heard back from the individual and they asked for more pictures but did say they would make it right. Now what that means (since I did not ask for a refund), I don't know. But I will be very hesitant to buy those particular blanks again.
  3. Defective Blanks

    Oh I know. I haven't taken anything negatively. And Gliders, the answer is no. After I sent the pictures to the seller, I have not heard back. No worries though. Life happens. Move on.

    Love this subject matter of this thread. I wish I could do some of the "innovation" part. However, I don't have the strength or endurance in my dominate arm any longer and hand tools, and such just aggravates things. So I paint to keep my retired butt occupied and am always trying to learn and strive for the appearance. I do think it's was comical that AnglinArcher mentioned the Flying Lure. 30 years ago, I considered this lure the next best thing. Back then I did not know how to skip with baitcaster and with the flying lure on light spinning gear (on slack line) I could easily get under docks and over hangs and they caught me a bunch of fish. Over the years I learned how to skip pretty decent (not like Gerald Swindle though). 30 years later, I can't skip a baitcaster any longer and have seriously considered bringing the flying lure back into my arsenal just for dock fishing. Painters keep painting and striving for that perfect color or scheme. This is were I think the next innovation will come from. Case in point the color Green Pumpkin. I do not remember this color 30 years ago and I still have plastics that are that old. Someone will come up with a new color that will one day become a staple in peoples tackle boxes. Fish see colors. We know that and they see certain colors better than others. I'm of the frame of mind that the next color or color combination to become a staple in tackle boxes whether plastics or hard baits will be one that fish can't see as well, making it difficult for the fish to necessarily distinguish the shape of lure. Then like a toddler they pick up (or in this case enthings

    Rod I feel for you and the cold. Wait a minute. I feel for me. I'm just up the road from you in Onawa. And this 18 degree weather is killing my bones and winter hasn't started yet. BobP I was living in Fayetteville and while Casey Ashley was winning the 2015 classic my son and I were fishing Harris and the Cape Fear. It was cold. Hauling butt across Harris heading towards the bridge and then crackle crackle crunch, crunch. 1/2 in of ice never even saw it. No damage or anything. Actually comical at the time. NC may not get ice like we do here in the Midwest or further north but cold is cold. I think I will just hibernate till March.
  6. Defective Blanks

    I didn' ask for anyone from TU to arbitrate any disputes. I started this thread for 2 reasons. 1. I just wanted to vent because I didn't appreciate the word "liar" sent in my direction 2. Because I strongly feel that product reviews are not really seen here and if you research most any hobby, there are reviews that can help people make sound Here is a pic that shows the issue with the blanks. As you can easily see the bill is crooked And once again in case anyone hasn't read the full thread, I didn' ask for a refund, I painted most of them for practice purposes or trashed them and all I was doing was informing the supplier to QC his product better
  7. Defective Blanks

    No they were not. Dinger has provided me with quality. I think of the blanks I've bought from Dinger only one took a little extra sanding to get rid of a blemish. Thanks for asking though. And expect an order from me over the weekend.
  8. Defective Blanks

    I don' know anyone on this forum and not sure who to ask. But I have mentioned it before. TU needs a pinned thread or threads on product reviews. Might keep things like this from happening
  9. Defective Blanks

    I can agree with both sides of the discussion. I won't name the company because this could be an isolated instance and I don't know what this issue is. As I would not want someone to post something negative on me that anyone can see. Also I am not asking for money back (as I told the seller), either I threw the noticeably defective baits out in disgust or they were painted before I realized the issue. Again the seller knows this. What kills me is the not replying to pictures sent and the word liar. I suppose I know to buy a sample next time.
  10. Defective Blanks

    I'm not going to say the company. I've had good products from them in the past and like the other companies that sell blanks, he has some that I really like and are good quality that are only available through him.
  11. Defective Blanks

    Hey guys. I recently purchased some defective baits (not by choice). I bought 50 of a particular blank and over half had bills that were crooked. And even the ones with the best places bills would not tune. I sent the supplier an email explaining the defective baits. I was polite and just explained the situation and said he may want to check his stock and manufacturer. I did not ask for a refund or anything. And in the same email, asked if he had a certain blank in stock (to me this shows I want to do business with this company). 8 days later the reply came and said he was not calling me a liar but he has had no issues with that blank. What got me was the I'm not calling you a liar but. If you say you are not calling me a liar and then say but. Aren't you calling me a liar? Ok done with my rant and on to a question: Do any of you have experience with a particular style or model bait that no matter where you purchase it from they are just junk? It kinda would be nice to have a list somewhere to warn some of us of blanks not to purchase. I don't have money to just blow on junk nor do I want to paint and maybe 1 day sell junk with my name attached to it. BTW: I have sent 2 emails with pictures to the supplier and a third asking if he had received them. No word back.
  12. Ted

    I have ordered from Avid twice. Both times without an issue. However, I had one place tell me I had placed a big order. Since then I make it a point to send an email and ask if a company has X number of a particular item. Once I get a reply I order.
  13. KBS

    Hey guys. I've been using a 2 part epoxy to clear my cranks for a while now. But I can paint so much faster than I have room for or can clear due to time involved. I've been thinking about switching to a KBS coating for all my billed baits. Can I someone give me a link to the specific coating that people are using ? Ron
  14. Airbrush repair?

    The packing nut is gone. So that's the issue. I've never taken it apart that far and honestly didn't know that screw was there. I do know what it looks like now because I remember finding it on the rug and going what is this. It somehow fell out during a cleaning, went unnoticed and somehow managed to get tracked down stairs. No worries. Only have a few more days to paint then I'm moving so won't be painting for a few weeks anyway.
  15. Airbrush repair?

    Hey guys my Eclipse has started having issues with water and now really thin paints leaching up into the trigger assembly. I'm taking it that a seal has gone out. Do I have to send this in for repair or is there youtube video that can show me what I need to do?