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  1. Hey guys. Bought some swimbait blanks off ebay. The tail fin is separate from the lure body. It has a raised edge that slides into the groove on the body's tail. From what I see, it would make a solid connection that once in place is not coming out. So what are the pin holes in the body's tail section for and how do you pin them? Thanks Ron
  2. I don't know if Avid is out of business. I do know that over the past few years painting I've seen a few suppliers go away. I was fortunate 2 have notice of 1 company and purchased 250 of a particular blank, I've not seen anywhere else. Purchasing that many gave me a good discount. If Avid is done it sucks because they did/do have solid blanks. 1 particular blank, I had a sample of and was really impressed. I had sent an email to ask for a bull discount with no reply.
  3. I use Martha Stewart brand glitter for my cranks and plastics If u brush on your epoxy mix in the flakes prior to stirring. Paint on As normal Second layer of epoxy no glitter and u shpould b set
  4. Shelts has them also. But they go fast. They literally made a post saying they had the 110 size. There were 170. And they were done I. 10 minutes
  5. I used a big plastic tote. Put added 2 cheap shop lights from Walmart to the top and then put in a 4 inch computer fan in it. Instead of ducting out, I use the cut squares of the cheap green AC/Heat return filters from Walmart as they are also cheap. I just replace the green filter material as needed.
  6. Hey guys I am looking for a specific mold. Simply it's a 1/2 oz jig head, not a round or football style and not an arkie. No indentions to put eyes in. The jig was made by the now (out of business) Knuckle Down Lures. If it's a Do-it mold, I can't find it. I'm willing to have a mold made. I looked on CNC molds but they will not copy a jig head if it's a current production model. And I get that. That would be wrong anyway. If it's in production I would just buy one. So if you guys come up with any ideas, let me know. Thanks Ron
  7. Super Ron

    Lure turners

    I used a BBQ rotisserie and mounted it in a plastic tote. That way as they turn, it has the lid on to protect from any dust or anything that may be flying in the air. It really sucks when you something comes out really awesome only to be ruined when a mosquito lands on your drying epoxy. And when not in use, it just looks like a storage tote set to the side. The rotisserie I bought was like $30 and the cheapest Menards sells. It's lasted 2 years so far and at one point I can say it was not turned off for more than 10 seconds at a time, running 24/7 for over 6 straight months. Definitely my moneys worth.
  8. Thanks Mark. Ive only got a few blanks left to practice on then I'm out. 1 of them is a WW. So I will try that on a new paint scheme I'm working on. Ron
  9. I am currently using both Etex and KBS Diamond. I thought the KBS would replace the Etex. If so, I wouldn't need a turner and I would be able to do more. Kinda didn't work out exactly like that. I have found that some bait's body style prefers Etex over KBS. For me jointed baits need the epoxy brushed on to keep out of joints. When using KBS, Wiggle warts (even with a drip wire) tend to leave a small build up on the tail, making it difficult for me to not screw it up trying to clean up any excess. Any other styles I've dipped without issues and the KBS works great. My opinion is Etex and KBS both harden about the same as I have not been able to see any difference in wear running 1.5s through the rocks testing both. Again this is just my opinion but the time to it takes to harden to the point I would fish it I give Etex 3 days and KBS 6. KBS stinks. It will stink up my entire work shop. Hope this help a little with your decision. I've only worked with these 2 products so I can not give an opinion on any other.
  10. Doesn't really matter what I sell, if I sell, or how much. Gives me something to occupy my time and according to my son help make his brand as he wants to be on the FLW or BASS circuit on day. I was most concerned if I had enough stock because I didn't want to do this and not have enough product displayed to make us look legit so to speak. After talking to Rod on the phone (thanks), I know I over did it. Which is normal for me to overdo things. So I feel better now. LOL
  11. My girlfriends grandson (8) stayed the weekend with us. He doesn't have a male figure in his life as he lives with his mother and 2 sisters, so tag I'm it. Well yesterday we spent the day prepping, painting, and clearing his first bait. I am out of any new blanks so I picked up a 110 jerk that has been painted and scrubbed off probably 4-5 times. I explained how the airbrush worked, basically telling him press down, pull back and sweep. He picked his colors, and painted every step by himself, even did the etex by himself. We only had time to get one coat on and dried before he had to go home today but he did good. When it was all said and done, he looks at me and says, "I know it will take a lot of practice to get as good as you, and this terrible. But so awesome ." It looked like a tie dyed mess that Cheech and Chong would stare at for hours. I loved it. Just a cool weekend.
  12. It's not about whether anyone buys any or not. In some ways, I want to sell out but in other ways I don't want any to sell because I really dig some of them. Realistically I expect to sell a few, have a bunch of gator arms as Rod put it, and then I expect some sporadic orders here and there as my son gets the website up in the next month. This has been a number of years in the dreaming stage to finally do this. So keep a look out for Run-N-Gun Tackle My big question is Do you guys think showing up with 950 plus hard baits is a respectable number to show up with? Did I overdo it or underdo it? Rod: The Omaha Fishermans Swap Meet is March 3rd. Come by and say hi or if you have tables yourself let me know and I'll come by. Be nice to meet someone who does this kind of stuff and swap ideas and stuff. Ron
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