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  1. Mr.t

    Kbs which formula???

    Just recieved my new can using the link above, it also matches the can pictured above. So i guess there is no difference between the cans that said high solids formula and the ones that said direct to metal formula!
  2. Mr.t

    Kbs which formula???

    Ok thanks I appreciate it!
  3. Mr.t

    Kbs which formula???

    Towards the bottom of the can is where it says direct to metal formula.
  4. Mr.t

    Kbs which formula???

    I just looked on the kbs website and if you click on clear coats it's not even showing the high solids formula, all I see is the direct to metal formula. It does say it can be applied over painted surfaces, so maybe it doesn't matter.... I dont know!!!
  5. Mr.t

    Kbs which formula???

    I didn't mean to get it, I was gonna order the 1 quart can to dip longer baits and noticed it said direct to metal formula on the can I have now, when I purchased it I intended on getting the high solids formula and when I received it I never noticed it until now!
  6. Mr.t

    Kbs which formula???

    I've been using kbs for the last couple months and just realized the can I have says direct to metal formula. Should I be using the high solids formula instead? Also will the direct to metal formula cause any problems, everything looks ok on the bait after they're cleared! I've cleared a bunch of baits but haven't tested any because of the weather.
  7. Mr.t

    Wake shad

    Threadfin shad
  8. Mr.t


    Cant think of a good name for this one!
  9. Mr.t

    Green HD shad

    Mix the two colors together , start with wicked aluminum and add a drop of moss green a mix well ,add drops until desired color
  10. Mr.t

    Green HD shad

    Thanks , Yes createx wicked moss green and wicked aluminum.
  11. Mr.t

    One knockers

    Discontinued color Rayburn gold
  12. Mr.t

    Green HD shad

    Shad plopper
  13. Mr.t

    clear coating

    Wonder if you done your gloss clear coat then lightly hit it with a soda blaster if it would have the matte finish? Mark's probably right the steel wool in 0000 would probably do it.
  14. Mr.t

    clear coating

    Makes sense to me!!!