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  1. Mr.t

    2019-03-17 17.58.44

    Absolutely amazing!!!!
  2. Mr.t

    Mesh for Scales

    The link to Amazon is showing 4mm I believe that is about the same size as 1/8 of an inch hole in the mesh that's gonna be bigger than what your looking for I think a mm is .039 inches so you probably need like a 2mm mesh fabric
  3. Mr.t

    Candy Colors

    Ok thanks river otter!!! I really appreciate the help!!!! And sorry Wayne I didnt mean to make this topic mine, I just needed info too, so I hope this helps you as well!
  4. I've never tried it but spaz stix make a no shine matte finish clear coat, I think its intended for rc cars, maybe worth trying!
  5. Mr.t

    Candy Colors

    Oh ok!!! Since I didnt do that do you think I could spray it with createx clear gloss top coat then dip in kbs to prevent it from bleeding, this is the bait , I dont want the red to bleed over the gold.
  6. Mr.t

    Candy Colors

    Thanks, so I dont have to mix it with anything first? So I can spray the 4030 over the candy and it's good?
  7. Mr.t

    Candy Colors

    I just got some and watched a video of a guy shooting candy2o and he mixed his with 4030 balancing clear, I didn't do that I sprayed mine straight from the bottle. That may be a no no but I did it! It's very thin from the bottle, it is a dye more or less and has a very dark appearance, you'll have to spray light coats to get desired color, the more you spray the darker it becomes and dont get your airbrush to close or spray to heavy in one spot or you'll blow it around and get flood lines. I touched my bait after a few days and the red was on my finger, slightly but it come off, I usually heat set but these I didnt. Now I'm worried if I dip the baits in kbs that it might bleed red over other colors on the bait, maybe that's what the 4030 helps I dont know. I really liked the flow and the color, I sprayed it over a pearl white and you could still see the pearl under the red. I know this probably ain't much help but I hope others with more experience can help us both out!
  8. Threadfin glidebait
  9. Alot of the permanent pens and markers will run and bleed when cleared coated, if your set on doing it by hand, I'd try paint markers. But I agree with the comments above, watch YouTube vids and practice with an air brush.
  10. Mr.t

    Original xrk50's

    Tomato craw one knockers
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