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  1. Mr.t

    Prop bait

    Thanks, unfortunately I dont know how good it will catch fish, most of our lakes have been destroyed by asian carp. It's hard to paint a pattern and test it to see if the fish like it because our bass numbers are REALLY low!
  2. Possibly, but not likely we live in Tennessee and this is an older bait , we dont have a cabelas, I hate it when baits dont have brands on them, years ago I went through an old tackle box that my dad had and it had alot of baits I'd never seen before, they had nothing to identify what they where
  3. Bill Whitesell's Bagley Lure Collections | The Colors of Bagley's thecolorsofbagleys.com I've looked through this but didnt see it. It is similar other than the print design of the fish is different, the bagley usally has wire belly hook hanger, my customers bait has a screw eye, and small 3-d eyes. I didnt see the same color in the collection of the bassnshads pictured.
  4. It maybe ,I haven't seen another bagley with that style of printed fish image
  5. Mr.t


    Thanks, yeah that's about the only way I could dip it in kbs and have it tail down
  6. I recieved my order from backwateroutfitting.com. I ordered some down looking eyes and some lipless and deep diving jerkbaits and I'd say the blanks are as good as most other suppliers ,I've bought alot worse thats for sure!!! The shipping wasn't the fastest , I ordered on a Saturday and recieved them the following Saturday, they shipped from Texas to Tennessee. Some of their blanks are listed as high quality but the ones I ordered wasn't listed as such, but I have no complaints about the quality of them. Hope this helps!!! (Check out there kahuna tuna!!! Its 16" long!!!! Dont know why but I want one!!!)
  7. You may be right though 1 of the bass n shads did have small 3d eyes on it, most of the bagley baits I have say bagley on the bill or if they dont have bagley on the bill it will say bagleys then the model on the underside of the belly, I dont know for sure what this thing is!
  8. Bagley usally have painted eyes this bait has small 3d eyes with no recess for the eye
  9. Customer brought this bait to me wanting another one like it, it's similar to a shad rap style, looks like wood, no writing on body or bill, thanks for any help
  10. Yep I live in dickson,tn, I fish mainly the Cumberland river and Kentucky lake, south of the Paris landing area, it was an awesome place to fish until the asian carp.
  11. Just made a small order of some down looking eyes and a few jerkbait blanks and a couple lipless, got 10% off for subscribing to recieve emails for the first order. I'll try to let everyone know what I think about the quality of the blanks!
  12. Just ran across a site that has ko of rapala dt 20 backwateroutfitting.com and the duo g87 from shelts is definitely a deep diver , you'll look like popeye after cranking those suckers all day!!! But as far as 30+ I saw a blank on ebay that looked to be a real deep diver, hope that helps!
  13. Just ran across a new to me blank supplier, I know nothing about the quality, but looked through their site and they've definitely got some stuff I haven't seen before. The website is backwateroutfitting.com they also carry other supplies as well!
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