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  1. Thanks, I may get that mold when my wife isn't looking.
  2. Thanks, the Senko Essential molds do work good. I have two. I sealed them with high temperature paint. We also catch a lot of fish on Enforcers 6" Ring Curly Tail worm.
  3. Does anyone know where I can get these besides Barlow's or Amazon ? I thought Tackle Warehouse would have them but they don't.
  4. Thank you very much for that info. I am very new to this and appreciate any advise you seasoned pourers are willing to share.
  5. I used epoxy thinned with denatured alcohol. The molds were shiny just be careful not to put it on too thick or it will fill in the detail of the bait - ridges, lines, etc......
  6. Would someone be able to recommend a mold that resembles a Zoom Trick Worm. I prefer an Enforcer Mold, if possible.
  7. Thank you, guys. I'll just order the largest cut just not string cut.
  8. I want to order glitter from Spike It. They have square cut, diagonal cut and string cut. Does anyone have a preference ? The fish probably won't care. Does one show up better than the other ?
  9. Just don't tell your wife you compared her cooking to burnt plastic. LOL
  10. I have the 4" Frog, which is his newer one. I have not fished it yet but it shoots nice and looks great (but pretty doesn't mean it will catch fish). The only difference I can see, other than the 1/2" shorter, is that the 4" one has front legs.
  11. Thanks for the advise. I'll keep an eye on the baits in the oil.
  12. I'm new so I'm probably not doing it right but but I put them in water to cool after shooting them and then lay them flat on a sheet pan then bag with a little baby oil.
  13. Thanks, Roger. I may get that Swimbait soon. Let me know how that cb400 fishes.
  14. Enforcer molds has a 10" ribbontail. One cavity $40. Excellent quality. Ships every Monday morning to US. Great customer service. I have that mold and it shoots great.
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