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  1. I bought some from Jim and I was very happy with them. I just keeping my eyes open to others.
  2. I looking for some wiggle wart blanks to paint. I used some from predator and they work great,but I'm looking to for other places (if any) that sell them.
  3. Have you had any problems with it curing up in the jar?
  4. i seen a video where a guy laid the base coat of red then put a yellow right around that. he then put a stick on eye and shot black over that. pulled the eye off and he had his red eye with a black ring. I haven't done this yet but I am going to.
  5. I been using KBS for a little over a year and really like it. I brush mine on and it works fine, but I do get some little bubbles around the eyes sometimes. Question for you guys that are dipping your baits, do you just open the can and dip our do you put it in something
  6. I planned on buying more when he gets them in.
  7. Does anyone besides Dinger sell them? I love that crank and will buy more when they come into stock.
  8. I been using a Master brush and have gotten use to the cheap gun. I think I am going to give the Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP BS and after I save some money I buy another. I don't shoot glitter though my gun.
  9. I like to keep it under 150 bucks, I like the looks of the Iwata brushes. I not a huge fan of the larger cup size as I am ust to the smaller cup. Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP BS Dual Action Small Gravity Feed Cup I found this one for right at a 100.
  10. Hello my name is Matthew I had an account before but lost all the info. I like to asked you guys and gals what would be your choice for a mid range priced airbrush. I have been using a master airbrush for the last 5-6 years. I am now wanting to step up my game and get a better brush. thanks for all you help.
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