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  1. Where can u find the cookbook at??

  2. I'm not really sure. I had a mold on order before he went out on medical. I finally got the mold. I emailed him about another order, but got no reply
  3. I often had problems with my lurecraft baby hog mold. Sold it and bought a bobs baby hog mold. Shoots great every time
  4. Zoom calls it bluegill flash. The bottom looks like it may have a gold hilite or something in it
  5. Yea i sent them a sample almost a year ago.
  6. ok. do you know if that mold is for sale somewhere?
  7. Is it the 5 inch swim ripper. looks close
  8. Does anyone know of you can buy the mold for this swimbait. Ive seen several places to buy the bait so surely the mold is for sale somewhere. I call myself looking all over for it
  9. How do i make this color? Especially the bottom
  10. wannabe

    Molds for sale

    Yes i still have it. You have paypal?
  11. wannabe

    Molds for sale

    The baby brush hog is already sold. Sorry
  12. Do you Still have the 631 molds? 

  13. wannabe

    Molds for sale

    2 BT 631 swimbait $55 ea TYD 2 Bears mad grizzly $25 ea TYD BT 647 ring swim $25 TYD BT small chunk $35 TYD AI 4 in baby brush hog $55 TYD Bears 3 in grub $25 TYD
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