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  1. Angling AI Tube molds

    Molds still available
  2. Angling AI Tube molds

    I have 4 angling AI tube molds for sale. 2 are the 3.75” slender tube. Has 5 cavities. Other 2 are the 4” XL model. They are 4 cavity. Would really like to sell all together or at least take 2. $125 a piece and I will throw a couple extra rods in as well. Thanks
  3. Custom tube makers

    Thanks! I will give her a call.
  4. Custom tube makers

    Anyone know who strike king outsources their coffee tubes to? Or V&M smallie tubes? Looking for a tube supplier, can’t stand making them.
  5. Selling Baits

    Geez is this a p*ssing match? Relax a bit. i think 95% of people should get and fish more
  6. Selling Baits

    Like the previous poster said, a quick call to your tax person will answer all your questions. Why not just come up with your own names for baits? No need to steal others names they worked hard to bring to market. Also decent packaging goes a long way.
  7. Pricing for having a mold made

    Just a heads up with baitmold, I emailed him about getting custom mold done and never received a response. I have bought 2 aluminum molds and they took about a month and half to come. With zero communication. Just keep this in mind. Also nothing stops them from "stealing" your idea or design.
  8. Side Inject Vs Top Inject

    Yeah we do that with the bears pots. I use the UM pots for white and clear laminates. I would like like to know what the next step is in injection machines is that are available? Something that mixes moderate amount of plastic and can keep from burning it while using air to inject? Something under $5000 maybe?
  9. Side Inject Vs Top Inject

    The ultra molds shooting star is not a perfect system. They recommend pre heating your plastisol in a micro past gel stage. So the pots are just keeping a workable temp for you. It's a slow process heating 2 pots worth of plastic in Pyrex then dumping into machine. If you let the pots do the heating it takes over 45 minutes to reach temp. At on mine bought last year.
  10. Struggling

    If I counted drops I'd never get anywhere! I squirt the stuff in and go off looks. I can nail it most every time from the last time I poured a color. MF colorant seems weak to me so I add black on top to darken a lot. I also glitter, color and salt after plastic is ready to go.
  11. Zoom Mag Fluke

    Lakeside baits I think makes a 7" google their name
  12. Looking for molds...

  13. Looking for molds...

    Your only shot at anything like those is to find them used. I have a bunch and wish I had more but won't dare try to order any. Bass tackle does have a 5" open pour swimbait that has great action and I believe is just as good. It does not take the huge eyes that look cool on bobs. I personally think the silicone open pours are terrible and are a pain. Especially if you are trying to pump out a little volume.
  14. 49$ micro at Walmart will be cheaper than the other options.
  15. BTS Swim Ripper Mold Question

    Not sure how you would get one, enough posts about unfulfilled orders