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  1. Green highlight problems

    This is with 1/2 to 3/4 smudge of highlight yo 4 ounces plastic kind of amazing how much it takes. But it' just enough to give it that glow in the water. Sorry don' show up to great in pics but I promise it's there.
  2. Green highlight problems

    Played around a bit this morning with how much highlight added and nailed it. The conclusion I've come to is different colors take different amounts to show up.
  3. Green highlight problems

    Thanks al I'm gonna try again tonight. I' pretty sure I'm getting it evenly distributed. I think if anyone was to watch they would say I stir on the heavy side. If i can' get it to show up tonight after two batches I will be contacting the manufacturer.
  4. Green highlight problems

    I was told the highlight mixes in better if added before heating but since not necessary I'll try adding after heated. I was really wondering and I guess I didn' ask if anyone has ever noticed different color highlights taking more or less powder. The only thing I was concerned about was changing the white to an off green by adding to much. So I figured old get everyone' insight
  5. Green highlight problems

    I'm having.trouble getting.my green highlight to show up. I' using 4 oz plastic making a salt and pepper color. I' adding about two match heads of green highlight before heating. When I do blue highlight this seems to work fine for me is green a harder color to get to show up or am I doing something wrong.
  6. Custom molds

    Try lure craft or angling ai
  7. 20180415_092115.jpg

  8. 20180415_113643.jpg

  9. 20180414_194702.jpg

  10. 20180415_113629.jpg

  11. 20180415_092110.jpg

  12. 20180415_113638.jpg

    Just some things I've been working on
  13. Figured I needed some white as well for those extra sunny days
  14. Been playing around this morning for myself. Does anyone have any recommended have to have colors I should add?
  15. 13 inch worm

    Thanks. I'll be targeting Large mouth. It makes a great chatter bait trailer. Think baby snake and also a good late in the year Texas rig or wacky rig for deep structure