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  1. dsqui

    Which plastic to start with?

    I run Lurecraft can't say enough good things about it.
  2. dsqui


  3. dsqui


    3.25. Thank you it's a crappie minnow mix. Took me a little bit to get it right but once I did it's been a very good producer
  4. dsqui


    Yes it is pictures don't do it justice either
  5. dsqui

    Rubber skirt material

    Lurecraft has flat and round living rubber in rolls same thing scored not cut 5ft up to not sure how long
  6. dsqui

    Chicg magnet

    Have u tried Lurecraft minnow color
  7. Looking for a recipe for the champagne pepper from yamamoto
  8. dsqui

    "cloudiness" in plastics from MF

    Try different color manufacturers I don't have an issue using lure craft and customer service is top notch
  9. dsqui

    Plastic for swimbaits

    I pour my swimbaits with a 50 50 mix of lure craft soft and medium. My baits are only 3.5 inches long
  10. dsqui

    Rufus poop

    Poor boy baits was originally lure raft now depending on how old the color is it should be lure craft color I'm still waiting to hear back from my sources o find out exactly.
  11. dsqui

    Large Hand Injector

    I'e used Lurecraft large a couple times at there shop I am almost positive it holds more then ten ounces
  12. dsqui

    Large Hand Injector

    Lurecraft sells a large one and stocks it.
  13. dsqui


    I order my labels from vistaprint
  14. dsqui

    Rufus poop

    Looks like a combination of green pumpkin or root beer and chart I'll find out for sure tomorrow for ya buddy
  15. dsqui

    flipping jig recommendation

    Really depends on what you are flipping I use a brush jig for trees and thick grass, and an arkie head for flipping docks and Lilly pads. I prefer a more open lighter brush guard around docks and pads