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  1. Thanks! I also liked how the deep red turned out on the gills. Because i layered it over a silver base color, it had a nice metallic look to it!
  2. This is my very first go at a golden shiner paint job. I had to experiment with a few different colors and layer the paint in order to obtain a shade of gold that I was satisfied with. Hope you guys like it!
  3. This Bone colored Shima Shad is a soft plastic swimbait that is hand poured using plastisol. It features a wedge-like tail that enables the bait to kick at most speeds. In order to keep the bait running true, there is an internal harness that is constructed out of resin. The swimbait is rigged with a treble hook that is secured to the line tie using saltwater grade wire leader.
  4. The 7" Bravo Trout is made to mimic a small trout as it swims through the water. This bait is hand poured, hand painted, and features a soft plastisol tail that helps to increase the bait's realism as it moves through the water. This Bravo has a special, one-off paint job that includes a brown back and metallic purple lateral lines and gills.
  5. Do you guys know if it's fine to use alumidust in the urethane to give it color?
  6. Hmmm I will be pouring fins, so these batches will most likely be pretty small... However, I do have syringes that are pretty accurate.
  7. Yeah, I guess I'll try mixing by volume. I think their website does say to mix by weight, but I really don't want to have to buy a scale unless it's necessary.
  8. Alright guys, I've got another question for you. I just got some Alumilite Flex 70 (urethane) to make fins for my resin swimbaits. Can I mix the two parts by volume, or do I have to do it all by weight? I've never used the stuff, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Ah I see. Other glide baits have this problem as well, then? It just seems kind of annoying when the bait keeps going to the same side.
  10. Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I have a different glide bait problem that I could use some help on... I made a jointed glide that's about 8 inches long and glides decently well, but when you give it a few twitches, sometimes it will favor gliding to a certain side. For example, sometimes it will glide left, left, right instead of alternating from side to side. I've been playing around with it, but can't figure out what's wrong. The only way that I can get it to alternate is to time my twitches perfectly. I can use any help that I can get!
  11. I've used KBS clear (the rattle can one) on some of my baits. If you give the bait three or four coats, it's decently strong. The hook points may or may not scratch your bait a bit, but the KBS doesn't react with soft plastics as far as I can tell...
  12. Quick question: Is Baitjunkys plastic compatible with other brands of softener? I have plenty of alumisol softener...
  13. I'm assuming that medium is still pretty soft then? I probably just need to try it out for myself...
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