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    Physics, badminton, lure making, fishing, computer programming and learning.
  1. DiametricD

    Perchie Crankbait

    Very nice paint job here, lots going on but everything blends nicely and looks real.
  2. DiametricD

    Red craw

    Hi, It appears you are using an exacto knife handle to hold the lure, is this true? I've been looking for a nice and easy to use lure holding option and this looks like a good one. Also those shell lines have a great style to them.
  3. I recently had a problem with my line tie in a few lures, I mistakenly moved it up a half cm and my lure had zero action, then I moved it down to under half the lure height and I had great action. I think moving your line tie should work. Look at your lure from the side profile, make sure that the line tie exits at or below the midpoint of the height. From the front of the lures the line tie looks like it will be about halfway back on the lip. Good luck! Harrison
  4. DiametricD

    Redhorse Sucker

    Never knew that Dieter, that is a useful trick.
  5. DiametricD

    High lake trout

    Looks awesome, and you know it probably catches cats so it must catch fish!
  6. Thanks for the insight Reno, everything you said makes intuitive sense to me when I think about it. I've just started studying this hydrodynamic world in detail, I have an academic background and love me a little book learning. Also I moved the weight upward in one of my designs and that nailed my desired amount of "roll" action. This is very addicting.
  7. DiametricD

    Gamma Shad

    Orange G10 actually, my local robot shop didn't have white so I picked my favorite color. I'm using it and clear lexan at the moment.
  8. DiametricD

    Redhorse Sucker

    Thanks guys! I think it's got a nice swimming action as well, I have a slow motion video on youtube if interested at
  9. DiametricD

    Redhorse Sucker

    My second design, this one is a redhorse sucker. I'm fishing for pike in North Western Ontario and hope that they think this lure style will be a nice tasty meal.

    © David Harrison 2016

  10. DiametricD

    Gamma Shad

    The first lure I designed myself painted in a "sunset crawdad" pattern. It has a tight wiggle and I learned about the effects of weight distribution, lip size and profile on the baits action.

    © David Harrison 2016

  11. These are my first three homemade lures, I learned a ton making them and thanks to the design they swim great. These were made following Paul Adams design and tutorial, a really great resource for any beginner.
  12. Thanks for all the help! I am going to try reallocating ballast close to the cg and a couple new lip angles. I just built a hacksaw balance beam and it works great Ben. Thanks for the insights about body shape J, my lure is fairly flat sided so I think it will be the ballast change which gets the roll i want. I remember having an old round fatrap as a kid, it had a really wide wiggle to it. My next bait I'm making is going to be a shallow running walleye minnow and I'll be sure to give it a good flashing roll to grab a few walleyes attention, thanks goolies. I am thoroughly addicted now, I talked to a buddy who does CNC work for 2 hours yesterday about how to use it making baits. Luckily he takes his service fee in beers so my shoestring budget will stretch nicely. I've got to save for another couple months before i can get an airbrush setup and join John in the world of real lure painting. Cheers, Harrison
  13. Hi all, I've been reading a ton on this forum and found so much helpful information, thank you all. I've made a few cranks based on others designs (Paul Adams Phox Minnow and one other), and they turned out great. I've designed my first simple shad style bait and it swims with a very "tight" action. It's made from basswood and weighted with lead split shot sinkers (size 7 in front of hook hanger and 3/0 behind). I want to give my next iteration more "roll" and a "wider" swimming action. I've attached a picture and the current design drawing. Can anyone give me their intuition on how to do this? I think that a wider lip should help give it a wider swim, also I could maybe make the body wider as well. I'm only guessing though as I have very little experience. thanks, Harrison
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