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  1. Got these from 99 cent store self adhesive backing just put a color backing or paint on these that might work. Coat them with a drop of epoxy
  2. Just some word of advice, yes making , pouring your own baits can be rewarding and alot of fun. Saftey is so important. So don't forget to use common sense. Make sure your mentally all there. Prior to getting started.Take your time dont rush it! Take precautions! if inside or outside have plenty of ventilation use respirators, gloves, goggles. Protect your eyes there all you have. Don't ever pour your baits around animals or let young children help. Make sure your working on a very steady area or work space.Never work around flammable liquids, gasses or any materials that can ignite . Don't joke around As there can always be potential for an accident waiting to happen. Fumes and temp of heated plastic can be toxic, and can cause serious burns ,water or any moisture should not come in contact with hot plastic. Especially when pouring lead. Dont make a big mistake. Always protect yourself the time that you spent doing things in a safer way will save you from the hazards, accidents and problems that can happen as a result from being careless , and expensive medical bills, or from causing a fire as a result of not taking the time to think about what I should of done before not after.
  3. Nice how long and thick is the dipping rod that you're using
  4. Great thank you for the info will check it out
  5. 22,800 members & no one can provide any new or additional information , besides what is posted or what we have on this technique.
  6. Looking back at all the comments and remarks, pictures. Thanks for your input but We Still have very limited information received from this post. I'm Sure if Bojon were here he would of put an end to this bs by stepping in and would of posted , & answered any questions and would of freely given any information that this post originally started requesting. Definitely He unselfishly has helped many others by sharing all his knowledge. Yes I find it very fustrating as time has passed and will pass as were still without his Cd. Why?
  7. Mark Awesome! Finally we have broke the spell , at last some new information that I'm sure many members are grateful with what you have started & have shared! A Fact There are probably many others who follow or visit this site with ideas & the knowledge but are not willing to share. But for now true we still don't have again borjon information on tube dipping.
  8. Can you post Any pictures or examples of this process which you are describing? So other members can understand how both of this style of tube dipping is done. Would be helpful.
  9. Ok I am calling out for help on this subject and want borjon information Members Really wow ! I am truely disappointed in the really weak responses or excuses by members of this site. You know who you are, members that are just sitting back and who have this information available and who are refusing to share this information with other members. What's the big deal, and all the secrets. I truely believed that this site was to educate, inform, share ideas, and to help others! Why are you guys being so tighlipped about this privilaged information that was once given here by borjon. He was willing to share his knowledge and to help others and anyone who requested help from him and gave permission to post his videos or pictures on this site on tube dipping without any reservation. Thanks alot for you help.
  10. Parishomme

    Tube mold 5" or 6"

    I Want to Buy : Tube Molds 5" ,or 6" New or used
  11. Since this site is to educate, and share information, ideas, advice, with other members I dont see why this would be a problem
  12. The thread no longer exists here as it has been several years since posted. Bojon did give permission to post this information, on this site and believe that would be beneficial to help others who would also like to learn the process of tube dipping.
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