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  1. mountainryan

    Lip Angle?

    @Toxicbaits can I just dig up this thread a minute. Now your THE baits to get. Love to see your grind pay off.
  2. mountainryan

    Lure Contest Judging Underway

    This wait is literally causing me pain.
  3. mountainryan

    7” Bad Frog

    Thanks Dan! I see one of yours up here too! That trout better be in the hard bait category.
  4. mountainryan

    7” Bad Frog

    This is a 7” 3.5oz silicone frog Swimbait. It has a wire and urethane plastic harness in the body. The legs are connected by an internal harness and have 2 bitterly jig style assist hooks. It is buoyant and weedless.
  5. mountainryan

    Ribbit Frog

    3lb is very soft, may not hold up. Also may expand too much. Less density= more expansion
  6. mountainryan

    Ribbit Frog The silicone is pretty rad too but prep that mold well and pay attention to what materials it doesnt play well with like sulfur.
  7. mountainryan

    A New Challenge

    Sorry to drag up this old topic but i'm creating a pretty cool design for a large weedless rat swimbait using soft silicone foam. That foam in the frog appears to be something similar to this: It amazes me that people will not pay $10 for one lure but waaay more to make it. The supplies alone for my build are currently at 300 but this lure doesnt exist yet. If Rago, or 3:16 lures made it i would probably just buy it. I just lost a $160 lure a few days ago. and I buy 2 10/0 beast hooks for $10. Swimbait game is no joke but worth almost every penny.
  8. mountainryan

    Anyone Developed a Weedless Underspin Yet?

    making it is cool but you probably cant beat the warbaits weedless underspins
  9. mountainryan


    MonteSS, this is husk's foil/ tissue technique. The hardest part was getting the image to fit so im curious how you made a shape and fit the image to it. If your careful and rub the wrinkles out of the foil it lays down nice. i used "mirror" to create a belly image which i applied. Tight lines
  10. mountainryan

    Double joint topwater wake

    Threw this together in 2 days, basic idea was a triple trout type bait. Does a tight kick while waking. Caught a small bass on the second test cast. Most importantly he was fun to make. Tight lines guys and gals.
  11. mountainryan

    Print Program

    If you have a Microsoft package Microsoft publisher lets me resize, flip, mirror recolor ect. it isn't photoshop level.
  12. mountainryan

    First Posted Bait

    Hello TU clan. Thanks for all the groundwork and experiments you guys have done. Soo much great information. So here she is, my first posted bait. Not my first bait. I used to make a ton of triple trout clones by pouring epoxy. Here is how she was made. PVC board blank hand carved, Foil finish technique posted by Husky- i based my blanks off of a picture and used that same photo to make the three separate graphics. one for the belly and each side. sealed with two coats solarez tail is temporary laminated plastic sheeting- any input on a permanent replaceable tail would be huge hook hangers are hand twisted wire where i live they just banned lead weights so i had to buy a mold and hand pour those too It is a suspending (almost perfect) wide S swimmer. pulls almost 1.5 ft turns with a slight roll like a sick bluegill.
  13. Hello TU geniuses! I have been lurking on here forever but just recently became a member. Thanks to Vodkaman and many others for their wealth of knowledge. I make pretty poor soft plastics but my hard swimbaits are getting there. Just started using the azek vs casting and what a difference! Will be using the foil/ paper technique as I am no artist. Finally to the question, I have a few lexan tails cut and I like the clarity but the brittleness will be a problem. What is everyone using to cut/cast tails? I was thinking plastisol with a ton of hardener but any feedback would be rad. Thanks!