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  1. Thank You Guys Greatly Appreciate the help!
  2. can anyone tell me the best and easiest way to add a wire keeper to a mold. Wanting to add a wire keeper to a couple molds but, dont know the best way to do it..
  3. Thank you for the advice and help guys greatly appreciate all of you!
  4. I've watched your video before i am going to have to go watch it again. Keep up the great videos you do they are greatly appreciated! thank you for the help!
  5. Thank you for the help! I've brushed epoxy on before but made brush streaks im assuming due to being to thick of a coat that is why i was asking about dipping them, i will have to try again.
  6. I just got a spray gun for powder from barlows and I have a 60 psi compressor and have it regulated to about 8-10 psi. My question is how can i spray and not have to much over spray? or is that possible? Any tips or advice for using a powder spray gun would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I've been told that adding eyes to swim jigs and dipping them in automotive 2 ton epoxy works really well to keep the eyes on and also harden the paint once cured in oven. I'm curious if there is a particular brand that most are using or what is the best method?
  8. cope102

    New Custom Jig

    I am very curious about making a mold out of sillicone can you explain more? or did you have someone make it for you? how does it work with lead jig heads? very nice looking jig!
  9. i apologize for taking so long to respond dont get online that much. I appreciate both of your comments and advice! Greatly appreciated!! i went to barlows and go their vein foundation as you said much cheaper then fs! i put the foundation in fluid bed then when at wal-mart one day bought several wide bodied plastic ware type bowls i cant remember the brand name but im sure you understand and i put each of my actual colors in them. ive been heating in oved @ 425 for 10 minutes then dipping in bed for the foundation then heating again for 10 minutes then using brush as you suggested small and have experimented tapping brush letting it drop on the jig and have had much better success! still have a little tweaking and tunning to do to make them better but its came a long way. and i want to thank you both for your comments and advice!
  10. Question I make football head jigs all the time basically all the same process. when you pull out of the mold, what are you using to cut the excess lead off and keep the jig head smooth? I've been using some big size wire cutters but, i continue to have a little lead nipple and i want to try to get it smooth and rounded out. Any suggestions or advice? thanks! and nice jigs! and sweet video!
  11. I just got fishingskirts.com illusion powder paints and naturally having a hard time to get anyone to help me out @ fishingskirts so thought I would ask here. I am not having real good luck getting the illusion to show up. I have followed their directions they sent me but, not having the greatest luck... Back jig @ 425 degrees for 10-15 minutes then dip in the foundation bake again for 10-15 minutes then dip in the color you choose and then bake again for another 10 minutes is what its directed on how to do and what i have been doing. Has anyone had any experience with with their illuison powder paints? or have any advice or tips to share? thanks you for any help!
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