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  1. https://www.pouryourownworms.com/Easy-Stretch-1-Gallon-Easy-Stretch-1-Gallon.htm Not quite like zmans but try researching this
  2. Yeah mine too. Moving recently I came across it again & I want to try it again.
  3. Havent tried the wooden dowel. I'll give it a shot. Thanks.
  4. I bought a tool for making eyes & stripedms etc. Which really is basically a glue gun. It came w an open pour mold yo make "sticks" to melt and do detail work. I am having trouble with it. I can not seem to get the "sticks" to take hold in the gun & actually melt to make dots etc. Anyone have this tool? Can you help me with some pointers?
  5. I have that mold & it shoots great. It's a great choice.
  6. Thanks. I'll try it. I overlooked that blank.
  7. I'm looking for a supplier who makes a blank that matches the speed trap. Anyone know if there is a blank available or am I stuck looking on line for old bodies for sale?
  8. I've not seen that mold. However I have seen something close: https://www.btsmolds.com/trailers/twin-trailer
  9. I found the a beaker (like from your days in science class) works well for this. It holds up to the heat & in tall & much more narrow than a pyrex cup.
  10. Great job! Welcome to the addiction!
  11. I have some stone molds & brushes on some KBS clear coat inside & they come out nice & shiny. Hundreds of shootings & have not had to re apply yet. That being said I still prefer aluminum in the long run.
  12. That's a good mold. Shoots well & swims great
  13. I have found that I have better success with the fluorescent colors when I add them prior to heating the plastic.
  14. I bought some beakers for exactly that purpose. They are heat resistant similar to Pyrex but thinner and taller. It still takes a fair amount of plastic as each dip layers 4 rods. 2nd dip is 8x the plastic, etc.. Microwave worked well and when I was dipping two color baits I also used a griddle to maintain heat after I microwaved. Needs to be stirred to keep temps but works ok. The injection molds work great and use less plastic. Much less "waste". I've purchased molds form a few different manufacturers and they all shoot well so just investigate body diameter / thickness needs.
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