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  1. The essential xl slick shiner is a great mold and it's affordable. Very similar to an easy shiner and the tail has great consistent action in the water.
  2. Hi All, Last year I started learning how to build rods. (Was a great way to spend the COVID Lockdown time). Now that I have a 6 or 7 under my belt, and feel better about my work, I'd like to level up my component game. I've been using the Mudhole "MHX" series lately, and like them, but would like to find a blank that is comparable to a Loomis "Conquest" for "feel & sensitivity". I've looked but have not found a chart that compares rod blank "feel" to Name Brand "feel". Does such a thing exist? If so would someone point me in the right direction please? Thank you, Mike
  3. I've purchased many molds from them and have been very pleased with each of them. They all shoot well and are very solid. I would recommend them. All aluminim cnc molds are expensive. Theirs are worth the cost in my opinion.
  4. I have the triple dip tube as well. It's a great mold. I'd be happy to send you a run of each version. (You can adjust the thickness of the head depending on rod placement). DM me if you like.
  5. Ok. Thank you. Was worried that worm oil or e posture to the elements while on the water would cause them to deteriorate and look unsightly. Appreciate the feedback!
  6. Is that the 4 mil white vinyl label or the BOPP label?
  7. I have purchased 3 different molds from them (not the core shot stick bait) and all shoot well. Very high quality in my opinion. I'm very happy with them.
  8. It does get messy that way. In a recent you tibe video Nate Marlimg (marlingbaits) showed a technique where you mix / cook your plastic the color you want the accents to be, then using a hot soldering iron dip it in to the hot plastic & very gently "paint" the accent color. Turned out looking pretty nice. He did warn that the tip of the soldering iron is harder than the mold so be careful to not damage the mold pressing too hard. Just lightly add your color.
  9. I found some thin but rigid clear plastic sheets at "clear bags" website that have helped me with some challenging packaging. I lay out the baits neatly on the plastic then slide the whole thing in to the bag. This is more cost effective for me than having vacuum formed trays made as I'm not in huge production.
  10. Very cool. I'd love to see some before & after pic Les.
  11. Everything you've listed and I have had really great success adding a skirt to my ned worms. Ika's of course are a great option.
  12. https://www.pouryourownworms.com/Easy-Stretch-1-Gallon-Easy-Stretch-1-Gallon.htm Not quite like zmans but try researching this
  13. Yeah mine too. Moving recently I came across it again & I want to try it again.
  14. Havent tried the wooden dowel. I'll give it a shot. Thanks.
  15. I bought a tool for making eyes & stripedms etc. Which really is basically a glue gun. It came w an open pour mold yo make "sticks" to melt and do detail work. I am having trouble with it. I can not seem to get the "sticks" to take hold in the gun & actually melt to make dots etc. Anyone have this tool? Can you help me with some pointers?
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