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  1. It does seem that painting over the glow would negate the effect of the glow.Maybe mixing it in with a color is the way to go,as AZfisher suggested.
  2. If you apply the glow under the paint do you get the same effect ?
  3. Has anyone used this by chance? Method of application and does it dry clear ? I assume it is applied after paint but before clear coat ? Thanks for any help on this.
  4. I was just looking through the hard baits gallery and have to say that some of you guys out there are absolutely exceptional at painting these baits!!
  5. I see some baits with this this pattern and am wondering how it is done.I would post a pic but really don't know how.It looks as if they paint their wanted pattern and then over shoot the whole bait to get a mottled apearance.The only way I can think of is to use a paint brush and flip the paint onto the bait?Any ideas?
  6. I just shot some wicked colors dark umber that is very close right out of the bottle,you could tweak it if needed.
  7. Mark, do you dip it in acetone quickly then in water to rinse ? That is my method for fletching arrow shafts.
  8. I am searching for the best way to prep a plastic bait. Acetone, denatured alcohol , etc... Pros and cons of each ? I appreciate any replies .
  9. I have mixed white with the florescent pink and shot over the dark purple then reshot over that again with straight florescent pink,worked great.Thanks for all the replies , very helpful.
  10. Thanks for the replies.I see baits that are painted with a dark body with light colored tiger stripes,how would they paint the light colored first ?
  11. I see various baits with a dark body that is painted with a light colored head or various light colored dots.Seems there would be a way to achieve this without having to paint those areas white again. I can't find anything in the tutorials on general painting to steer me in the right direction .
  12. What should I expect for number of coats to get good coverage ? I am painting flour.pink head over a dark purple body on a ddhj and am not having much luck,very new to this.
  13. I picked up the binding covers last night at Staples Chuck.Good thing you gave me the part #,I would have been there for many moons looking for them.Tried them out and they look to be just the ticket.Appreciate the help!Just getting into this so I will be learning as I go.Painting these DDHJ12's may have to wait til next winter, its about time to be on the water!
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