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  1. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    I had a lot of fun creating my entries. Came up blank again, but feel i made a lot of progress this past year.
  2. cottoncordell g finish

    Exactly. It is caused the same way also - by refraction. And by way of correction - that should have been "shipping terms". I highly recommend you do not sip any clear coat.
  3. What Is This Color

    Cool color! Not too flashy - and that can be a good thing. For a layered paint scheme you might want to try P silver, then T olive (Createx colors - T canary yellow - 30, T deep blue - 1, T dark Brown - 3), The candy black ( T black - 3, T base - 3, reduce). Spray at low pressure, low volume. BTW that transparent olive color is very usefull.
  4. cottoncordell g finish I found this link to pearl powders that can be mixed in a clear coat or transparent base. Perhaps the green to blue color shifting one is wrong. They also have "ghost pearls" that have a holographic type of color shift. $25 woth of pigment does 1 qt of clear coat. Not sure about the sipping terms. But it might be worth a try. Keep me posted if you try it. Sounds like a cool effect. And if you do it right - it should stick better than the origional.
  5. cottoncordell g finish

    So a color shifting, metallic and holographic effect over the paint? or under the paint?
  6. Looking for a lure blank

    Good to see that get bit is back on line. For a while their domain was inactive.
  7. Need advice on top coating a jointed bait...

    You married a porcupine? Talk about the need to be carefull.
  8. cottoncordell g finish

    I have never seen one. But I will keep an eye out. Anything painted over chrome seems to have a tendency to peel. Chrome is pretty slick - no tooth. Can you describe the finish? Does it have multi colored metalic flakes, or is it more of a holographic thing?
  9. Need advice on top coating a jointed bait...

    The same way you skin a porcupine - veeerry carefully! No, seriously, with a wood bait i make sure joints are well sealed with superglue. Spray some paint right on the joints heat set it. The paint doesn't stick as well as epoxy for some reason. Then I apply thinned epoxy very carefully around the joints. Keep the nose up so excess flows away from the joint. Only one coat goes close to the joint. The other coats can be kept well away, as not much protection is needed between the joints. You will still get some on the joint. But you can work it with a drop of oil once fully cured. FULLY CURED epoxy is somewhat brittle. An old Exacto knife can also be used to clear some out. Just read Mark's comment - great minds! The water based paints don't stick as well as Krylon. You can even use the transparent base - paint with no pigment. Hope this helps. And I know some of you are going to ask.... Yes, i have skinned a porcupine. They have a strong flavor, though not bad in a survival situation.

    Predator Bass Baits has them - SKO

    This one was done with a Pearl white base coat (all paints were very thinly applied). All paints are Createx brand. wash with black and wipe off (highlights scale pattern) P white Below lat: BG 1 (one drop P blue, 5 drops P white) On lat line: I yellow Just above: I green Top, socket: Wicked gold stripe stencil: edge with reduced Transparent black Top, socket, tone: T olive Back, socket: touch of T black Lobe: T black mask bottom belly to under gills: Flo sunburst - very little unmask Touch up gill cover : BG1 Touch up belly: P white

    Is this what you are talking about?
  13. glider\swimmer

    The one thing I don't like on swimbaits is that the rear hook is usually too far forward. I have knocked around the idea of using a section of heavy braid tied and superglued to the rear hanger in a way that makes it protrude rearward - past the tail. Then I would tie my treble or single hook to it. I haven't tried it yet. The question is how much it will kill the action. But when my pool thaws out, I will. In my opinion, the further back the hook is, the more hookups you will get. Those predators love to take short strikes.
  14. New Craw and Gill Patterns

    Thanks, guys. They may look all over the place. But they all fall into my 5 point craw theory. Those little buggers imitate their environment, mud, rock, Iron (orange and red), and weeds. The fifth group is for visibility.
  15. Airbrush Spray Booths

    These dadgum modern invenshuns. What will they think of next! Instead of a google search, can I just call information on my rotary phone? One ringy dingy - two ringy dingy ...