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  1. Chuck Young

    Cedar Run Outdoors Blanks

    There is probably no way to tell. Most who sell blanks need to reach a certain order quantity before they are able to restock.
  2. The future and pledge and other floor care products are a hard acrylic. I am a former floor care professional. I owned my own floor care business. Think about the qualities you need in a floor care product. Here in New England we have harsh winters and a lot of salt / sand applied in parking lots. That is what floor finishes are designed to withstand. Imagine what it takes to remove that product from your airbrush. Not all acrylics are the same. I choose not to put that stuff into a close tolerance airbrush.
  3. I want to go on record that I have had major problems with the windex - future - water combinations. I mixed up some homemade reducer involving glycerin, distilled water, and amonia free windex. At the same time I bought some brand name reducer (createx). It worked so flawlessly that I never used the home-made concoction. I am still using my first 8 oz bottle of 4012. And I wouldn't dream of using the home-made mix. I estimate the cost per bait at less than 2 cents.
  4. Color shifting is a very attractive quality in a bait. I feel it touches more "trigger points". It occurs naturally in baitfish. The more 3-D the finish on your bait, the more effective the color shift will be. Certain foils can also be applied to accomplish a color shift. I think I am with Hughsey on this one. If you want color shifting qualities - go all out. The per bait cost is a few cents .
  5. Chuck Young

    How do I secure screw in hardware?

    I have used the same technique on balsa airplanes for anchoring the wing bolts. . But I had to use a tap to cut the threads between each application of CA. With balsa, CA may penetrate better. But with harder woods, drilling the entire length of the screw eye and using epoxy (which probably fills gaps better than runny superglue) will keep you from splitting the wood. This is cat skinning territory - but it also varies from situation to situation.
  6. Chuck Young

    How do I secure screw in hardware?

    Personally, I would shy away from CA. Epoxies give you a longer working time. Imagine having the superglue set before the screw gets all the way in. That would not be good. Those look great by the way. With some woods, you have to worry about the screws splitting the wood. With epoxy, you can drill all the way. It will fill the gaps and soak into the wood. This technique also allows for the perfect alignment of screws .
  7. Chuck Young


    I use a posterboard form (the one made of foam sandwiched in cardboard) 1/2 or slightly more the thickness of the lure. craft foam (kid's section of Michaels) can be added if the lure blank is too thick. Here is a link. I hope it helps. These don't lock up or damage your paint. Save both the form and the stencil as they can be used over and over.
  8. Faskolor also has some color shifting paints (blue, violet and red). Check out modeling suppliers.
  9. Hope you have a lot of reducer for acryilic paint. You will need it. Createx reducer works. Also use the coarsest needle / head set you have. It still won't spray right.
  10. Chuck Young

    Folk Art Craft Paint Question

    If it's lumpy .... dumpy. The smallest of clots will mess up your brush. It is not worth the trouble. Get rid of it .
  11. Chuck Young

    Walleye Blade's Top Coat

    A moisture cure urethane gives you a much thinner coat than epoxy, and a much more durable coat than laquer. It should not interfere with the action of your blades. So make that 3X
  12. Chuck Young


    I like this one
  13. Chuck Young


    Cool idea for the back mottling! I'm using it!
  14. Chuck Young


    I think this would make a nice informal contest. Everybody who has the equipment can post a pic like this. Then we can vote at the end of the year. No prizes, just fun.
  15. Chuck Young

    Clear coating lipless crankbaits

    OK I had some major problems when I tried to clearcoat with this arrangement. It works great for paint, but the epoxy soaks into the foam and you have to cut it off your lures.