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  1. Do you mean the 1.2 or 1.5 megabass s crank? I checked Get Bit, Predator, lure color studios, M&R, Dakota lakes tackle, Bustin Bass. No joy. If you find them, let me know where. I would love to paint some of those.

  2. What! Never heard of this happening before. Sure resin heats up when it's mixed, they all do... but eating through a plastic cup? must have been a cheap cup! Sorry to hear that, nonetheless.

    The red party cups are made of polystyrene (#6) plastic. The little mixing cups (like the ones on nyquil bottles) are made of polypropylene (#5 in the triangle). It makes a difference. Try switching to a different plastic container.

  3. I am looking for advise on Art Resin. It has some really nice features that seem ideal for lures. I have read many posts on this subject and visited the Art Resin site as well.

    This is what I know ont the plus side: uv protection, ultra clear, really brings out the color, long work time.

    This is what I know on the minus side: thin, needs 2 coats, needs lure turner, 3 day cure time.

    What am I missing? Any useful hints to minimize the negatives? How much protection is needed from dust?

  4. Here is a $100 order that will cover a large range when mixed. Blick has all these.

    Createx colors:

    opaque white, black, yellow

    Transparent: canary yellow, Dk forest green, dk brown, gray

    Iridescent: yellow, green, red

    Pearl: copper, blue, white, satin gold (Just a quick misting spray of this across a bait looks amazing once clear coated)

    Fluorescent yellow

    Wicked colors: Detail sepia, Pearl black, Fluorescent sunburst.

    airbrush cleaner, restorer, w 500 nreducer

    Rustoleum 2x coverage silver and gold. These can be decanted into an airbrush by spraying them into a 3/4 inch tube which drains into the cup.

    laquer thinner.

  5. This is for anyone out there using superglue or cyanoacrylate glues. Be sure to use a booth or exhaust fan. This stuff heats up and fumes when used in any quantity at all. Maybe you have seen someone fume for fingerprints on TV. The fumes combine with organic fluids in the print and turn them into a hard crystal. Now imagine that process happening in your lungs. I dosed myself pretty good once. It is not pretty.

  6. You can pick up perfectly acceptable plastic sheets at Staples or any office supply store. Fellowes binding covers, midweight. Model # 52043. They form quickly, yet are plenty durable. 25 pack  of 8-1/2 x 11 is $17. You can sometimes get 4 sets per sheet.

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  7. Go to Dharma acid dyes. They have all the detergents, salts, and citric acid you need. Over 80 colors are available at great prices for 2 oz jars.Great tutorials as well. You can eve get some of that elusive nylon sparkling bunting ( unspun fibers ) there to blend your own sparkle dubbling. If you need to bleach material first, go to your local pool and hot tub supply and get some hydrogen peroxde. Mix it to 20% strength, Be careful. Add strong to weak if you need to dilute. Wear safety goggles, rubber gloves, an apron, etc. Dyes are temp, concentration, material, and time sensitive. From day 1 keep a log of what you try and what works if you want repeatable results.

    Dyeing and Bleaching Natural Fly-Tying Materials by A. K. Best 


    Is a fantastic source of information for those who want to do this on a more serious level. With limited sources for natural materials, doing it yourself is fast becoming the only option.

  8. Have you ever tried Tiparilo or other small cigar plastic tips. Use your left over cork or foam to stuff them. Use the whole tip or cut some off. Epoxy hook and / or through wire. Makes a great, consistent, and durable popper body. You can pick these up by the dozens on golf course tees, if anyone needs an excuse for another expensive hobby.

  9. I custom mix many colors using Createx paints. I often blend these in advance and spray these directly from a bottle. What can i use for a thinner that will store well. I am not impressed with the water & Pledge mix. The brand reducer says to use it within an hour or so. How well does the water / alcohol / glass cleaner / glycerin mix store?

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