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  1. Number of jigs in gallon

    Take 10 of the baits you want to make. Get gram weight divide by 10. Move grams to ounces. Now you know the plastic weight of 1 bait. Translate ounces in a gallon and you have your answer!
  2. Making and selling senkos

    Check ebay. Quite a few pourers using "Senko like!" for their worms. Also see where you might 'fit' with the prices.
  3. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    So here we are I have only heated, in microwave 1 quart increments and it only takes a minute or so to de-gass 1 qt. I can have 2 qt. pots, the most I have ever done in less than 5 minutes ready to pour. It seems as if a 2 gallon pot would work for me. What do you think?
  4. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    How long does it take to de-gass a gallon of plastic in a 5 gal. pot with 6cfm vac?
  5. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    Does this mean you would need a 5 gal to do 1 gal of plastic? Looks like you just answered question. Thanks a bunch Leonard!
  6. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    I just took delivery of the Ultra Mini Star system. Max is 3 qts. each pot. 11/2 gal. total. Any reason I shouldn't get the 2 gal. with 3cfm vac?
  7. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    "Best 250.00 anyone in the bait business could ever spend IMO.. " Is the cost of the compressor about 50%?. I ask because from the recommended company site prices seem to be around $125.
  8. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    I have purchased the degassed plastic from you. A couple of gallons have not been opened and a little over a year old. Any problems? Guessing the gasses come from the manufacturing process and once cleaned up, stays clean.
  9. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    Where does one get one of these? I am not in the business, yet(?), but do make baits.
  10. Salt Do's and don't

    Like Willie Nelson said after he bought a golf course. It's mine and par is whatever I say it is. We can make the baits anyway we want. DaveMc1 I just ordered 4 packages of your tube (hardly think there is a 'ton of salt' 2,000 lbs.?) When I get to the bass lake this fall I will compare the performance with my non-salt, but richly scented tubes and see what happens. A 'throw down' if you will!
  11. Salt Do's and don't

    From another forum. By a person that makes and sells soft plastic baits. "About the only thing I add salt to is senko's and that's at the ratio of 2 TBS per 4 ozs of medium ESS."
  12. Color-C-Lector

    Thank you. That is exactly what I was after.
  13. Color-C-Lector

    Anyone use one of these successfully?
  14. Griddle?

    I have used an induction plate with cast iron pots. Heat plastic in microwave and temps will be maintain in pot. Just need to stir every now and then.
  15. Only one way to find out and that is to use it! Paddle tails are 'the rage' now and used by many, successfully.