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  1. Bob has been making and selling the 702 on ebay. Every now and then.
  2. Bobs or Do-It

    The facts are I purchased 2 -702 molds 4 cavity , 3 3/4" and 4 3/4", on ebay within the past 2 weeks. They both were advertised as 'brand new' and the receipt was to bts molds Seller was bettjone-84. Now I guess Bob is making back order molds and not taking orders in his shop but still needs to eat so he is making and selling on ebay.
  3. Zeiners

    Very pleased with their service!
  4. Nu-Wave (Induction Cooktop) for Melting?

    I have used coated cast iron with success. Found them on ebay.
  5. review (ukraine store)

    Similar tail situation with the 2 1/2". I use hard which is what I use for my tubes.
  6. review (ukraine store)

    It's aluminum cnc so very shiny.
  7. TRD Mold

    Check with Baitjunky he has a mold that would fit.
  8. review (ukraine store)

    I just received the Baitmold V23. 21/2" aluminum ribbed paddle tail which is just like the keitch. Shoots good. I agree with Franks thought of local but just too much of a cost difference for me.
  9. Bob's tackle shop

    Web site says not taking new orders now. Catching up on past orders.
  10. Injection Press?

    With all these baits do you sell to the public?
  11. Custom tube makers

    You might check with Anglers Choice also.
  12. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    I use Baitjunky Hard de-gassed for everything. Still playing with temps. Sent Leonard a message asking for recommendations. Haven't heard back yet.
  13. ISO 3.5 inch junebug tubes

    If you have an air compressor you really don't need the worm oil to remove the tube. I see that Josh is now offering a tube splitter featuring a 'smash devise'. Just ordered the ribbed 5 piece mold today. I now have all his tube molds.
  14. What do you think?

    This in Facebook. Seems to make sense to me. "Storing Plastisol over time: As bait makers, you may already know this. But it is something I learned today and wanted to share if you didn't think of it. An old friend told me today about the settling of plastisol when stored, about stirring over and over again before using. This is what he said to do; Cook all of your clear plastisol and pour into a tray to harden. Then cut it into cubes of 1oz size (like an icecube size) and store them. When you need some, take out as many cubes, cook and add color as needed. Anyone do this?"
  15. What do you think?

    Most all the people I have heard from either are big users and doesn't last long or hobbyist and buy this quantity to save money then put it in gallon or quart containers. After mixing the entire batch, of course.
  16. Beaver style molds?

    How do you present this Beaver bait? Football jig?
  17. Uv and glow additave

    quite a bit written on this subject in the Do-it forum page. Go to 'search' then type in your question.
  18. Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    You might check this.
  19. Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    All paddle tail action is dependent upon the plastic used. I use hard and it works fine. It does need special care in that it takes so little plastic for each hole you can't just stop the flow and move over. Have not tried dual injection yet but I have a little 2 oz. injector for this mold and that's the way to go, for me anyway. It has such a great profile it really is worth the effort. a
  20. Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    I have the Bass Tackle mold I would put a few in an envelope tomorrow if you pm your address.
  21. Looking for Conversion Information

    Consider this is a hobby. Most injectors will only hold 4 oz. or less. Which is why the recipes are usually in 4 oz. increments. If I was in your position I would go directly to the supplier with your question.
  22. Number of jigs in gallon

    Take 10 of the baits you want to make. Get gram weight divide by 10. Move grams to ounces. Now you know the plastic weight of 1 bait. Translate ounces in a gallon and you have your answer!
  23. Making and selling senkos

    Check ebay. Quite a few pourers using "Senko like!" for their worms. Also see where you might 'fit' with the prices.
  24. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    So here we are I have only heated, in microwave 1 quart increments and it only takes a minute or so to de-gass 1 qt. I can have 2 qt. pots, the most I have ever done in less than 5 minutes ready to pour. It seems as if a 2 gallon pot would work for me. What do you think?
  25. Degassed Plastisol - Bait Junkies

    How long does it take to de-gass a gallon of plastic in a 5 gal. pot with 6cfm vac?