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  1. Football Head Jigs (spincast) Mustad 32796

    All Gone
  2. Looking for a tripple injector

  3. Football Head Jigs (spincast) Mustad 32796

    Quantity: 1/4oz- 79 3/8oz- 62 1/2oz- 29 3/4oz- GONE Total= 170*.55= $93.50 +$7 (shipping) = $100.50
  4. Football Head Jigs (spincast) Mustad 32796

    Hey guys, I have spincasted football head jigs for sale that I have no use for. They come with a Mustad 32796NP heavy wire hook. The weight and hook sizes are as follows: 1/4oz(3/0), 3/8oz(4/0), 1/2oz(4/0), 3/4oz(5/0). I'll post amounts and pictures shortly. The heads are not painted and they do not have weedguards, but they do have a 1/8" hole. If interested please PM me or Text me @ 661-808-8605
  5. 43FF3C8B-263D-42BD-A553-A31CDC16306B.jpeg

    Here’s a double arm spinnerbait. These baits swim so good! They go over cover very well!! I’ve made changes to the trailer keeper since this version. I have an extra mold... for the right price I might let it go. Lol!
  6. Chatter bait jig selection

    The bait with the split ring is more erratic, that’s for sure. I personally like to directly attach my blade to the eyelet.
  7. 7088D33D-D1B4-488F-9B42-82C2226E5B59.jpeg

    Here’s a few that I made for a friend in Carp/Golden Shiner.
  8. Chatter bait jig selection

    Been lurking. Here is one of the baits that I make for myself and really close friends.