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  1. Lgonzo20


    You sir are my hero of the week! i never would have thought of that!
  2. Lgonzo20


    Thanks for both of your answers. when im talking about swivel im talking about swing jigs. i have the poison tail swing jig and kind of have what im wanting.... but i like the rugby head set up from vmc ill post a picture.. the head looks like a football head.
  3. Lgonzo20


    Looking for a jig mold that uses a ewg hook. i really like the vmc rugby jig. im not too fond of screw locks. i have the swing jig and i just feel like i get better hook ups with that rugby head thats not on a swivel
  4. Lgonzo20

    Rainbow trout

    No clue! They do swim good ive never had the original!
  5. Lgonzo20

    Rainbow trout

    A 25 cent minnow net works alot better than expected!
  6. Lgonzo20

    Caribbean craw

    Pretty much firetiger colors i just like the way the name sounded
  7. Lgonzo20

    Toxic cicada

  8. Lgonzo20

    Old guy shad

  9. Lgonzo20

    Chocolate Rat

    Unpainted lures sir. I havent had to tune a bait yet!
  10. Lgonzo20

    Rainbow trout

  11. Lgonzo20

    Chocolate Rat

  12. Lgonzo20

    Gunmetal shad

  13. Lgonzo20

    New member

    Glad to be here. Already addicted!