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  1. All Eyes

    Cedar Squarebill Cranks.jpg

    Thank you! I appreciate that.
  2. Thank you. These are my own blanks that I make one at a time. No duplicator, just lots of carving and sanding.
  3. That's an awesome bait!
  4. All Eyes

    foiled smallmouth.jpg

    Thank you again for the nice comments! This was my first attempt at a SM pattern and for the most part I was happy with it. The pic is a bit misleading shown in the direct sunlight. It has more of a brownish green tint to it in person.
  5. All Eyes

    foiled smallmouth.jpg

    Thanks!!! Nothing added to the clear coats. It's transparent brown and a bit of green mixed together shot over gold foil. I then added dark brown and a drop of black to that same mixture and painted the bars and fins. Here is the paper stencil that I made for this pattern with an exacto knife.
  6. All Eyes

    foiled smallmouth.jpg

    This is an 11" thru wire bait done in red cedar.
  7. All Eyes

    Old warts back to new

    Beautiful as always.
  8. All Eyes

    jointed bait2.jpg

    7" cedar bait. This pattern was inspired by a leopard shark but with different colors.
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