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  1. cedar cranks

  2. cedar cranks

    Thank you Braided. I like the way that one turned out also. It was painted in Createx lime green pearl.
  3. cedar cranks

    Thanks! Much appreciated.
  4. cedar cranks

  5. cedar cranks

  6. cedar blank

    A 6" glide bait in the works.
  7. cedar perch bait

    Thank you Mark. I like to have a few baits turning or in the process daily, but do take time off here and there to get other things done.
  8. cedar shad

    Thanks guys!
  9. 20914604_776624912517426_4997337790790945981_n.jpg

    Incredible. That is one highly refined and realistic bait right there. Excellent work!
  10. cedar perch bait

  11. 1.5 cedar squarebill

    Thank you Braided! Much appreciated.
  12. 20170814_152728-1.jpg

    Super clean work! Another beautiful series of baits from you.
  13. Ready for foil

    It's much easier to work with a textured surface as opposed to textured foil on a smooth surface. You can press and rub as hard as you want without smoothing the details out. Lightweight mesh (like veil material) cut to shape and glued to the wood works nice for textured scaling also. Wait until the epoxy is partly set up and tacky before attempting to make the edges lay down along the curves. Then lightly press and rub over them with a pen or something round and smooth. I use the handle of my exacto knife.
  14. 3"cedar baits