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  1. All Eyes

    Crank 95 (Luderick).jpg

    That's a killer bait! Very natural looking subtle fades. Well done!
  2. Lots of good info and advice given here. It would take me a week to put my thoughts down on the subject in such a way that would be helpful. I have a tendency to talk in circles and am much better at building than explaining things. I don't have a physics degree or any knowledge other than what I've learned through many years of screwing up. My advice for any new builder is to try to duplicate an existing bait that is a known producer. Templates for different styles are out there if you look around online. My first builds were a Shad Rap profile that I was able to find this pattern for. B
  3. All Eyes

    cedar cranks18.jpg

    Thanks! And yes, I can't look at the produce section without thinking about scale material. LOL! Some of the larger stuff for oranges etc. make great scales for musky lures.
  4. All Eyes


    That's exceptional work! Very well done. Please post when finished.
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