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  1. All Eyes

    jointed bait2.jpg

    7" cedar bait. This pattern was inspired by a leopard shark but with different colors.
  2. All Eyes

    jointed bait4.jpg

  3. All Eyes

    pre rapala wiggle warts

    Awesome paint!
  4. All Eyes

    Pre rapala wiggle warts

    Nice group of warts you have there!
  5. That is one cool piece!!!
  6. All Eyes

    Imposter and rainbow2.jpg

    Thanks again Eastman!
  7. All Eyes


    Very nice group of baits you have posted! Well done.
  8. All Eyes

    Imposter and rainbow2.jpg

    Thanks eastman! I really appreciate that.
  9. All Eyes


    Well done!
  10. All Eyes

    Rainbow bait.jpg

    Thank You Dan! I was going to finish it out with a mouth and further details but liked it the way it was. Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone.
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