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  1. All Eyes


    Another killer paint job.
  2. All Eyes


    These are fantastic! I like the black eyes on these and your last bass pattern. Nice job.
  3. All Eyes


    Love your paint jobs! Very nice use of color and subtle blends.
  4. All Eyes


    That is one sweet shad pattern! Very nice.
  5. All Eyes

    musky baits19.jpg

    Thanks again. This is a combo of layered transparent colors (green/brown) sprayed over a pearlized gold base. The darkest areas are done by adding a few drops of black to that same mix.
  6. All Eyes

    musky bait 33.jpg

    Thanks alot for the kind words and the offer! I'd love to see the eyes!
  7. All Eyes

    musky bait 36.JPG

  8. All Eyes

    musky bait 33.jpg

  9. All Eyes

    musky baits19.jpg

    Thank you! Yes I make all of my blanks. This one is a thru wire build done in white cedar.
  10. All Eyes

    musky baits19.jpg

    Still working on this paint scheme
  11. All Eyes


    Very cool paint scheme!
  12. All Eyes

    musky baits19.jpg

  13. All Eyes


    These blades look awesome! I bet they really thump.
  14. All Eyes


    Red cedar crank
  15. All Eyes