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  1. All Eyes

    3 perch.jpg

    New 8" cedar baits Phantom, Yellow, and Black Perch.
  2. All Eyes

    3 perch.jpg

  3. All Eyes


    Winner! Awesome paint jobs.
  4. All Eyes

    perch lexan.jpg

    More of the same from me. 10" red cedar thru wire bait. Lexan lip in this one.
  5. All Eyes

    perch lexan 2.jpg

  6. All Eyes

    perch lexan.jpg

  7. All Eyes

    14” cedar musky bait

    That's awesome!
  8. All Eyes

    black perch2.jpg

    The other pics are not from me. And the paint I use is water based.
  9. All Eyes

    black perch2.jpg

    8" cedar black perch bait.
  10. All Eyes

    black perch2.jpg

  11. All Eyes

    8 inch baits2.jpg

    Thank you! I do sell some of them here and there but don't have a website or advertise on social media. Mostly just small batches for a handful of people.
  12. All Eyes

    8 inch baits2.jpg

    A new batch of 8" cedar perch baits.
  13. All Eyes

    8 inch baits2.jpg

  14. All Eyes

    10 inch perch2.jpg

    Thanks! I cut my stencils out of a heavy paper with an exacto knife and the paint is all done with an airbrush.
  15. All Eyes

    Bottle openers

    Really cool! I'll bet those went over well. Good job!