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  1. All Eyes

    cedar cranks10.jpg

    Thanks a lot guys.
  2. All Eyes

    cedar cranks12.jpg

    4" bubblegum bass baits.
  3. Ok, I will post when i get them done.
  4. Making a couple non jointed versions now. Going to paint one of them the same but with a gold scale. Plan on keeping the belly orange tho.
  5. Thank you! Gold scales would look nice. I will have to keep that in mind when I paint another one. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! Yeah kind of a hybrid.
  7. All Eyes

    jointed bait finished.jpg

    Most of the time, my lips get installed before paint. I've done it both ways and it's the method I prefer. When masking my lips, I cut my tape with an exacto knife to fit the contours of the bait. (like an arch shape) It's important to let the paint completely dry before removing the tape or it will tear and pull paint off the bait. I usually let them sit overnight. And I always remove the tape prior to applying the epoxy top coats. Also note that the paint that I use is all water based, and may not be the same as what you are applying on your baits.
  8. All Eyes

    jointed bait finished.jpg

    Yep. It's a clacker. LOL It should get chewed on soon. I took a little video of it swimming in the pool today and I'm pretty happy with the action, Need to get a higher quality video at a better angle, but you get the idea.
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