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  1. All Eyes

    10 inch perch.jpg

    Not telling. Gonna let it be a surprise.
  2. All Eyes

    10 inch perch.jpg

  3. All Eyes

    10 inch perch2.jpg

  4. All Eyes

    line thru crank bait

    Another amazing bait from Mikko! Why am I not surprised?
  5. All Eyes

    foiled glider2.jpg

    Thank you- and no, Many Eyes is my good friend Shawn. Him and I started building baits together quite a few years ago. I kind of refer to him as my second brain when it comes to the hobby. We always bounce ideas back and forth which helps give another perspective.
  6. All Eyes


    That turned out great!
  7. All Eyes


    Just beautiful!
  8. All Eyes

    foiled glider.jpg

  9. All Eyes

    muskie gill2.jpg

    All I use for my top coats is Envirotex epoxy. I have tried several others, but nothing so far has matched it's long term durability and gloss.
  10. All Eyes

    muskie gill2.jpg

    That is an old Gramaw bait and matching paint job on a customer's blank.
  11. All Eyes


    Thanks! Much appreciated.
  12. All Eyes


    Beautiful work on all of your baits. Killer paint jobs!
  13. All Eyes

    jointed tiger2.jpg

    Thank you! It looks better in the water. I love the action on these baits.
  14. All Eyes

    cedar walleye baits45jpg.jpg