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  1. Slounch Slayer Sunfish.JPG

    Very cool! Nice job
  2. 20170923_121828.jpg

    More beautiful work from you! Someone has been busy I see.
  3. cedar cranks

    Thank you for the interest and kind words everyone. There are few things that I would rather do than build baits, and it's really cool to be a part of like minded people who appreciate them like I do. Much more to come.
  4. Split Ring Question

    Thanks for the links Anglinarcher. I have bought things there in the past and was always satisfied. Next week I will be placing an order for several items that I'm running low on, so will probably just get everything from them.
  5. Split Ring Question

    Any split ring that's strong enough to withstand heavy fishing for a couple of years without corroding is a good one in my book. I don't mind swapping them out but some are less reliable than others. It seems to come down to the quality of the metal and finish. I know from experience that not everything marked stainless steel is of equal quality. Not sure about the zinc ones, but assume it's the same way. It may not matter that much for smaller baits and fish, but musky class baits are where I want max durability. I really like Spro stainless rings but usually pick up packs of them at the local big box stores where available, and they are really expensive in those places. Just wanted some opinions on comparable quality with other brands and sites to buy in bulk. Thank you guys for the opinions and recommendations.
  6. Split Ring Question

    Thanks for the help guys. I have been to the Worth site before and liked their prices. Looks like I will be placing an order with them.
  7. Split Ring Question

  8. First baits completed

    Nice job. Just wait until you catch fish on your own baits. It's a cool feeling and if you're like me, it will fuel the desire to make more...and more.
  9. Split Ring Question

    Recently, I ran across some defective split rings that fell apart just by rigging them onto my baits. I can't narrow it down to a supplier because I buy them randomly here and there. All the ones I buy are supposed to be stainless, and they are not very old. The problem is that I open multiple packs at a time and dump them all into a bin. There's a lot of them in there and no way to know for sure which ones might fail. I can't have that. So- after I dump all of my split rings in the trash, where might you guys suggest I find a good deal on quality stainless split rings? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Cedar perch

    Thanks a bunch DDL. Much appreciated!
  11. cedar cranks

  12. cedar cranks

  13. cedar cranks

    Thank you Braided. I like the way that one turned out also. It was painted in Createx lime green pearl.
  14. cedar cranks

    Thanks! Much appreciated.
  15. cedar cranks