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  1. All Eyes

    new paint.jpg

    These were done for a customer and I asked him the same question. The line tie wire goes through lead in the metal lips and wrapped to the main wire.
  2. The Devcon 2 ton may be your problem on these larger baits. It has a fast set up time and the brush may be dragging and pooling up a skim of partially dried epoxy in spots. I would suggest cleaning your baits with denatured alcohol and trying a long set epoxy such as Envirotex. Let it stand for 10 minutes after mixing to help reduce any bubbles. Blowing on it also pops bubbles as the carbon dioxide in your breath helps them rise to the surface.
  3. All Eyes


    Your shad are sic! Can't get much better than that.
  4. All Eyes


    Fantastic work.
  5. All Eyes


    Thank you kind sir.
  6. All Eyes


    Very nice!
  7. All Eyes

    baits 2020.jpg

    2 1/2" cedar squarebills.
  8. All Eyes


    Nice work. Looks great!
  9. All Eyes


    Those are killer shad patterns! Nicely done
  10. All Eyes

    foiled SM.jpg

    Wow! That's very kind of you. I really appreciate it.
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