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  1. All Eyes

    muskie blank.jpg

  2. All Eyes

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  3. All Eyes


    Very nice!
  4. All Eyes

    muskie baits6.jpg

    Yes I had some printed onto vinyl but still a work in progress The colors just don't pop like the metallic eyes do.
  5. All Eyes

    muskie baits6.jpg

    Thank You! It is a 7" cedar crank/twitch bait. Here is a quick video I took in the pool yesterday.
  6. All Eyes

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  7. All Eyes

    Muskie baits2.jpg

    Yes, I cut them out of card stock with an exacto knife.
  8. All Eyes

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    Thank you guys! Eastman- No I don't have any online tutorials as of now. That may be something to work on this winter.
  9. All Eyes

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  10. Hello Eastman,

    Thought I'd share these pictures that show the method I've been using to add weight to my thru wire baits. These are strips of lead that are made to fit tightly in the slot much like the wood strip method that you commented on. I made these by pouring lead into a metal Altoids can about 1/8" deep. Then cut them into strips with my skill saw. It's a nice alternative to drilling holes and patching with filler. It also ensures that the weight is perfectly centered. 

    Take care! John


    thru wire weight2.jpg

    thru wire weight3.jpg

    thru wire weight.jpg

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    2. All Eyes

      All Eyes

      Glad you like it! Before I came up with this method, I always drilled my weight holes while the wood is still in block form and before I cut the wire slot . It's much easier than trying to drill into the slot. 


    3. eastman03


      Yea I hear you.  It's tough to know sometimes when I'm making prototypes for myself  where to drill the lead before hand.  This is the result.



    4. All Eyes

      All Eyes

      Ouch! I feel your pain as I've done it myself. The lead strips are a nice clean way to go. 

  11. All Eyes

    musky bait 33.jpg

    Thank you!
  12. All Eyes

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