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  1. walleye diver3.jpg

    Thanks DDL, much appreciated!
  2. perch12.jpg

    This bait is 11" minus the lip.
  3. walleye diver3.jpg

    3 1/4" cedar walleye bait
  4. walleye diver2.jpg

    This is 3 1/4" walleye bait made from red cedar.
  5. walleye diver.jpg

  6. thru wire.JPG

    The strips are made from the same wood as the blank. They are cut with a table saw a fraction less than the width of the blade used to make the slot. The picture here shows how I trace the wire tag ends on the end pieces. I cut along this line with a skill saw so that the wood fits tight against the wire inside the bait. They then get dry fitted and pressed into place. Then draw a line flush across the belly where the access wood gets cut off with a skill saw. You end up with puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. I pour epoxy into the slot and also apply thin coats to the strips before inserting them into place. The epoxy oozes out and can be a bit messy as I smooth it over with a latex glove finger. It fills any gaps, or air voids in the process. I like using this method to minimize the amount of epoxy or resin material that can separate over time as the wood expands and contracts. Hope this makes sense.
  7. 7 inch cedar gill

    Thanks everyone! These gill patterns are one of my favorites to paint.
  8. perch9.jpg

    Thank you guys!
  9. 7 and 8 inch hardwood gliders

    More beautiful work in these latest baits of yours. Great fades and use of color!
  10. perch11.jpg

    Thank you! It's a thru wire wood bait.
  11. perch9.jpg

  12. 7 inch cedar gill

    Thank you! Much appreciated.
  13. First Crappie Paint

    Love your paint schemes. Nice subtle use of color and application.
  14. perch11.jpg

    7" foiled perch
  15. perch12.jpg

    11" foiled perch