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  1. All Eyes


    Very nice group of baits you have posted! Well done.
  2. All Eyes

    Imposter and rainbow2.jpg

    Thanks eastman! I really appreciate that.
  3. All Eyes


    Well done!
  4. All Eyes

    Rainbow bait.jpg

    Thank You Dan! I was going to finish it out with a mouth and further details but liked it the way it was. Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone.
  5. All Eyes

    foiled sb.jpg

  6. All Eyes

    2019-03-17 17.58.44

    That's one beautiful bait right there!
  7. The Createx white seems to be very inconsistent for some reason. I've used it as a base coat for years before switching to Wicked. One bottle seems to be fine, and the next is pasty junk. They pass the "liquidy" shake test but you can't tell before using them. I've wondered if some of what I bought were old stock or just bad batches. Either way, Wicked white flows and covers much better, especially at lower PSI for closeup detail work.
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