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  1. Cedar cranks

  2. Keeper Trout

    What a great pic! It amazes me sometimes to see how big a bait can be in relation to the fish that will hit them. That's a nice big bass but even the small ones will sometimes go after baits that are bigger than they are. Again, that trout is a real work of art. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Cedar cranks

  4. Keeper Trout

    Fantastic! A real gem you've created here.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'm curious to get some and try it out.
  6. Very nice work! I've been wanting to experiment with different wood types on my baits. Most of what I work with is red cedar. Is the grain on Paulonia hard to sand smooth? I've heard that it's durable but quite porous. Again, awesome job on these!
  7. Cedar Squarebill

    Thank you Braided, and yes, they run 3-4 ft max. Green hooks eh? They would look good on this one and a few other schemes I've done recently. Gives me something to think about. Thanks again!
  8. Crab Apples.jpeg

    These look dynamite. Love the color and pattern. Well done!
  9. FB_IMG_1516768211214.jpg

    Cool pattern. I like it!
  10. Cedar Squarebill

    Another squarebill made from western red cedar.
  11. Cedar musky bait

    Thank you! Much appreciated.
  12. thru wire.JPG

    The method I used for this thru wire build. Belly slot is fitted with strips of cedar cut to fit snug against the wire, then epoxied in place.
  13. Cedar musky bait

    This is an 11 inch bait made from western red cedar. Thru wire construction with aluminum lip.
  14. musky bait

    Thank you!
  15. Basswood Alewife Bait

    Very nice looking bait Mark. Love it!