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  1. Dusted with Createx Chameleon Gem Sapphire that only appears in direct light. Very cool how it vanishes and reappears as you move it around. Notice how it only shows up on the head in this picture, even though the whole back is covered with it.
  2. When selecting wood for baits, I look for pieces that have a tight, straight grain minus knots or other irregularities. . While the side profile may look like a straight grain, the ends of the boards are more telling. Notice how vertically straight the grain is on the left, while the board on the right is in a circular pattern. The end result after shaping appears as a stacked laminate.
  3. Not laminated. It's just the grain of the wood.
  4. I saw on the one bait you mentioned gold foil, I just wondered what you are using for the gold foil, I have ordered twice now and I like the one foil but its gauge is a tad heavy and the other was some sort of transfer stuff, so I'm just wondering what to buy?, thanks Bryan, luv the baits btw


    1. All Eyes

      All Eyes

      Thanks for the nice comment. The foil used on those is gold leaf that I picked up at Pat Catans. It comes in 7 inch squares and is silver on the back side. The stuff is really thin and can be a challenge to work with. A coat or two of epoxy before the paint is applied hides the edge lines.


    2. sonoman


      Thanks, luv to find something like regular aluminum foil if I can, got that down.

  5. 6 1/2" baits getting ready for paint.
  6. Thank you! This one has a carved gill plate and is gold foiled. Transparent green over the gold makes a nice antifreeze color that looks pretty cool on these perch baits.
  7. TY all for the kind words! The eyes on these were made by epoxying over these small half dome beads on top of gold leaf foil. Just a drop of epoxy over each bead and let them run down onto the foil. Once dry I pop them out with a paper punch. They bug out a bit more than the standard 3-D eyes.
  8. Thank you Braided and fatfingers! These bluegill patterns are fun to paint. There are 9 different colors in this one.
  9. This is a color scheme that I like on my squarebill bass cranks, so thought I'd try it out on a musky bait.