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  1. A second layer was ok. No troubles this time. I think it was due to the very hot weather
  2. For the first time i had isdues with my etex. On pu poured lures, with special groundpaint and standard airbrushpaint, i put on the etex. On the round lures no problems but on the more rectangle lures i had spots with almost no etex. Used my normale turningweel Can hot dry weater be the cause?
  3. How thick should lexan be at least to be stiff and strong enough? Does the lenghte of the lure and type of wood any difference? I like to but a bib to the lure in the attached file
  4. ok thanks. i will try that later. first some testing with the new body shapes and larger bib
  5. Thanks, I tryed a new lure yesterday with a similar shape as you sad in your video. Going to test later this week Learning a lot these days
  6. Super thanks I just like to do same experimenting for myself to learn quick and good how lures behave etc. Even trying to find a style for myself
  7. tried a new one tonight. slimmer body and a bigger bib towline will be in the middle or just below the middle i can't get more pictures in the replay, so the rest is on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pescabaits/ will this bodyshape ever wobble and walk straight? i saw that diemai makes his lures with a body that has the larges part in the middle between bib and tail?
  8. Are there some example's of lures turned on the lathe? or a link to find them on the web
  9. i used a lathe, so everything is straight. i tried bellyweight but that didn't do the trick i will use heaver wood next time beginning of the lip.is that the side attached to the body or the other site?
  10. For these try outs i used abagi wood and beechwood
  11. I'm trying to make some lures with my lathe. The lures have a fixed bill also turned. The problem is that theywill not walk straight even not after tuning the screweyes The wobble is almost null
  12. hi Dieter, i can't get my lathe lures to wobble at all. tried to put in some lead, make the bills wider, etc etc. i used abachii wood what is very light, can that be the problem?
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