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  1. Go to “ members submitted tutorial “ hardbait how to. Lincoya has a tutorial for belly weights.
  2. BJB those are some awesome crawfish colors. How did paint get the webbing design on your crawfish.
  3. Mr Jaws

    Crankbait lips

    That’s an awesome looking bait you got there !
  4. Mr Jaws

    Crankbait lips

    Cool. Good luck to you Sir. Would you post a photo of you lure when completed?
  5. Mr Jaws

    Crankbait lips

    Why not fabricate your own bibs. A 12 x12 piece of fiber board goes a long way from LPO or just buy some lexan from your local hardware store.
  6. HP still sells that package. It’s a good unit. Very quiet. I purchased it last month with the 20% off coupon. I put the airbrush in a bag and put away. Now that Anglinarcher say it’s functional I’ll pull it out and give it a try.
  7. Happy new year all ! Does anyone have a source where I can purchase some bills shown on this crankbait. It interesting how the bil is cupped. Thank you for your responses.
  8. Mr Jaws

    handmade lure

    GeForce LINCOYA has an excellent tutorial in Members Submitted Tutorials . Hand Carving Your Own Wood Lure Started by Lincoya, May 26, 2011. I near made a perfect crankbait the first time I tried his method of making a crankbait. Very few tools are used with his method, all you need is a sharp wood carving knife,sand paper and a copping saw. There are other tutorials on making crankbait lips ,hook hangers and belly weights. I have found this hobby can be very frustrating at times, but very rewarding . I'll never forget the time when I caught my first fish on my homage lure! Good luck to you and just keep at it . Don't give up ! You will have some great memories ahead of you . Hand Carving Your Own Wood Lure Started by Lincoya, May 26, 2011
  9. Apdriver i have a do-it bullet ,spinnerbait mold. Do you think it would work well for a blade bait? By the way you got some awesome looking baits there.
  10. Thanks for your advise. I shorten the line tie and this thing has great action. It hunts and darts out From time to time. It still acts like it wants to blow out at high speed but doesn't. I think this bait is going to be a killer striper and smallmouth killer.
  11. I went out last night to buy a chatterbait. I thought it was redicules to pay $ 15.99 for one. So tried my hand at making one. I just can't figure out why this blade bait is blowing out. It has great action when retrieved at slow speed. Do I need more weight up in front ? Or do I need to get rid of the weight on the hook. The brass bullet weight is 3/8 oz. All comments appriated.
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