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  1. You can get it off ebay mate or most fly fishing shops sell it as well
  2. Good video can i ask what injector the twin unit is please it looks great i want a good one
  3. Definitely shine sells more baits but i dought catches more fish 100%
  4. A mate of mine got his moldsafter a long wait they shoot well but that postage can take up to 3 months you will get them after 20 or so emails and lots of exuses up to you guys if you dont mind the wait cheap alternative
  5. Iv used theres as well i find there colours do bleed when do you put the glitter in at what stage i do mine just before i inject
  6. I was thinking the same and all our molds are at least 3 times the price as Usa
  7. Make all mine outside in open air only on good weather days until i setup the garage to suit me
  8. I have used bass tackle for 1 year now no problems jacobs twin injector i would not recommend at all not made correctly and now he does not make them probally due to bad design bass tackle all the way better design works perfect every time
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