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  1. 1980 Crosby Sled

    I purchased a 15ft 1980 Crosby Sled today looking to convert it into a fishing boat. It has some small holes that need to be patched on the inside that's no big deal. I am wanting to know if any one knows the specs for this boat and what to all use to convert it into a bass fishing boat. There are two big holes on each side of the boat and I don't know what they are for or if I should patch them. Thanks!
  2. Enforcer Tadpole Mold

    The mold is vented very well and the problem was resolved.
  3. Enforcer Tadpole Mold

    Does anyone else have this mold? No matter what I try the side of the bait has air bubbles trapped in it.
  4. I did a search and couldn't find anything. I'm having problems with the salt setting down onto one side of my stick Baits. How do I fix this?
  5. voids and micro bubbles in 717 craw mold from bts

    I don't keep track. I'm so used to my microwave that I don't even need a infared thermometer anymore. I've injected both hot and cool and the baits turn out good with 15-20 seconds pressure. Also like Monte said keep the spruce full.
  6. voids and micro bubbles in 717 craw mold from bts

    Try holding pressure for 15-20 second after you inject. I had the same problem with the 709 craw and this solved the problem.
  7. BTS 709 Craw

    still doesnt help the denting
  8. BTS 709 Craw

    Already tried that..... it helps a little but it still dents.
  9. Packaging Craw

    How do you package you Craw type Baits?
  10. BTS 709 Craw

    I recently purchased this Craw mold in 2 cavity. Every injection the claws have dents. I have tried everything to stop this. Does anyone else have this problem?