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  1. I purchased a 15ft 1980 Crosby Sled today looking to convert it into a fishing boat. It has some small holes that need to be patched on the inside that's no big deal. I am wanting to know if any one knows the specs for this boat and what to all use to convert it into a bass fishing boat. There are two big holes on each side of the boat and I don't know what they are for or if I should patch them. Thanks!
  2. The mold is vented very well and the problem was resolved.
  3. Does anyone else have this mold? No matter what I try the side of the bait has air bubbles trapped in it.
  4. I did a search and couldn't find anything. I'm having problems with the salt setting down onto one side of my stick Baits. How do I fix this?
  5. I don't keep track. I'm so used to my microwave that I don't even need a infared thermometer anymore. I've injected both hot and cool and the baits turn out good with 15-20 seconds pressure. Also like Monte said keep the spruce full.
  6. Try holding pressure for 15-20 second after you inject. I had the same problem with the 709 craw and this solved the problem.
  7. still doesnt help the denting
  8. Already tried that..... it helps a little but it still dents.
  9. How do you package you Craw type Baits?
  10. I recently purchased this Craw mold in 2 cavity. Every injection the claws have dents. I have tried everything to stop this. Does anyone else have this problem?