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  1. Are those poured with lead? Those look great.
  2. Okay I now have three of my cups to where I can change the media with ease. Thanks Kasilofchrisn. I have tried everything I have now, different combinations of tyvek, brown bag, 20# paper (different colors), coffee filters. Is there anything else I could try? My last resort would be to mix it with white pearl that I have. What would my mixture be? Both our new 2oz jars of Pro-Tec.
  3. Those look nice LimpNoodle What white is that?
  4. Where is a good place to get the clear powder?
  5. Kasilofchrisn I got it knocked out and it worked out pretty good. Thank you for that. BUT, the white still did not fluff up with the 4 layers of newspaper that I tried. Do different combinations of media work better? I need more ideas to try to get this white and black to work right. Can anyone explain the weight of the powder to me? If its heavier it needs more or less air? And how different medias let how much air through? Trying to get my head wrapped around this so I can think of new media to try.
  6. thanks Kasilofchrisn, I'll give it a shot.
  7. Kasilofchrisn Great explanation I bet I can make that happen, I may try at lunch. Would I then have to cut off the excess media so that it will fit down into the collar?
  8. Limpnoodle I don't get to crazy on my colors. I have tried to stay with black, brown, white, green pumpkin, orange, and purple. I may try a red or yellow but I am trying to stay pretty basic. Do you have pictures of jigs with those colors you mentioned?
  9. Limpnoodle I checked out those companies. Any of those colors will work in the same manner for dipping jigs?
  10. Cadman, Thank you, those pictures clear up a lot of misunderstanding.
  11. finally got them to upload. Kasilofchrisn could you post a pic of what you are talking about. I need to get some clear I guess and give that a shot. thank you to everyone of all the help and great ideas. I have newspaper drying now, hope to check that when I go home for lunch today.
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