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  1. Hook Bonnets

    Looking for bulk hook bonnets.... anyone know a supplierother than Janns etc? I saw some on a lure blank site once can't remember whos site it was . Thanks
  2. Ned Rig

    Anyone have an alternative hook to the Owner 5313, recommended for Do It Ned Rig molds ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Big head molds

    What do-it jig mold are you guys using for grubs?
  4. Beads for wire forms

    Thank you! Just found some at Zeiner's !
  5. Beads for wire forms

    I am ordering do it buzz- keel buzz bait mold, it uses .051 wire form. I need beads that will fit this size wire. Any Ideas ? Thanks in advance.
  6. KBS

    I don't know, had it happen on two different lures. When I received my can of KBS I could hardly get the lid off. Put it in mason jars,has a yellow tint to it,not sure if that's normal either?
  7. KBS

    Anybody ever have this happen to your bills using KBS ? Almost seems like it just rolls off and won't adhere,even does it in places on the lure.
  8. KBS and Glitter

    How do you get the glitter to stick before applying KBS?
  9. KBS and Glitter

    Anyone use glitter with KBS ? Thanks in advance!
  10. Dipping Crank bait Bills

    Thanks for the input, trying to clear up the cloudy bills.
  11. Dipping Crank bait Bills

    Do you guys dip the whole lure including the bill in KBS thank in advance,
  12. Blank Cranks

    Where can I find blanks similar to Strike King Series 3 and Series 3XD .Thanks Randy
  13. Wire sizes for 3/8 and 1/2 oz spinnerbaits

    Thanks for the info,I sent another question about wire size on 3/8 oz... I'm on my phone so please excuse my wandering around questions. I'll give this a try,have a safe trip!!!
  14. image.jpeg

    What wire diameter are you using on 3/8 ? Really appreciate your time and help!
  15. image.jpeg

    Does your spinner bait mold give you problems,such as using. 035 wire with 3/8 and 1/2 oz pours?