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  1. Gus1969

    Help with white

    I use a 1 tsp heat stabilizer per cup.
  2. Gus1969

    BT 716 Tiny Craw

    Monte. If you have a 712 mold. I will take it..
  3. Gus1969

    Yamamoto color 204

    Mucho gracias..
  4. Gus1969

    Yamamoto color 204

    Good morning. No i can't find one either.. My son wanted some made.
  5. Gus1969

    Yamamoto color 204

    Does anyone has this color recipe Yamamoto 204. It does not look like regular cinnamon color. Gracias..
  6. Gus1969

    Dead on plastix

    Morning ya. I agree with Poncho. This site is for learning..
  7. Gus1969

    Dead on plastix

    Is it 5 some where. Taco tuesday and Dos X primos.
  8. Gus1969

    Is BTS back up and running

    Ya been warned about BtS. Awesome molds pero bad business..
  9. Gus1969

    K Type Swimbait Laminate Problem

    Frank is one bad hombre..
  10. Gus1969

    Is BTS back up and running

    I placed a order over 18 months and nada....
  11. Gus1969

    Zoom Style Magnum Shakey Head Mold

    Ultra makes a 6" trickworm.
  12. Gus1969

    Ukranian stone molds

    Acetone contains oil. Paint has a 50/50 chance of bonding. Try paint thinner. It works for me..
  13. Gus1969

    Swimbait mold

    The guy from Ukraine. Does not answer emails..
  14. Gus1969

    Swimbait mold

  15. Gus1969

    Tube Dipping - Video

    Are they a 1/4 rod.