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  1. Gus1969

    keitech pro blue

    Does anyone have a good recipe
  2. Gus1969


    Basstackle 639 swimbait mold
  3. Gus1969

    Keitech Silver Flash Minnow

    Any of ya know a good color recipe Gracias.
  4. Gus1969

    MF Blue Crawfish

    Morning Monte. 15290 Rd 208 Porterville Ca 93257 Do you have a morning dawn color recipe. I tried every recipe and nada..
  5. Gus1969

    MF Blue Crawfish

    Does anyone have some MF Blue Crawfish they want to part with..
  6. Gus1969

    one piece mold

    Where can buy the high heat silicon
  7. Gus1969

    Internal harness

    Monte. if you find out let me know asap
  8. Gus1969

    2 color injection machine

    nice machine. how much would one cost
  9. Gus1969

    Robo prism shad recipe

    Frank. These are MF Pearl's. I only have LC Gracias
  10. Gus1969

    Robo prism shad recipe

    Gracias yall
  11. Gus1969

    Robo prism shad recipe

    Morning dawn colorant?
  12. Gus1969

    Robo prism shad recipe

    Yes that one. Nothing on the thread. Yall be kind to give me info on it..
  13. Gus1969

    Robo prism shad recipe

    Good morning Yall Been surfing the web for Prizm Shad Still nada dang thing. Need yall help Mocha graciad
  14. Gus1969

    Help with white

    I use a 1 tsp heat stabilizer per cup.