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  1. Violet sparkle glitter

    I am happy with it.
  2. Football Head Jigs (spincast) Mustad 32796

    Will you sell the tripple injector
  3. Looking for a tripple injector

  4. Need help on morning dawn. What colorant do use

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gus1969


      Do have the recipe. Or how many drops per ounce. For the vein what color is it. Thank you gor the response 

    3. alsworms


      Heavily shake the fluorescent pink before adding to COLD plastc.....

      12 drops to 4 ounces of plastic

      For the blue, I just used Lure Craft's regular blue.  I would mix vein colors only an ounce at a time. 2 drops of blue. 

    4. Gus1969


      Thank you guy. I'll  try it. 

  5. Bear's Baits update.

    Prayers to Bear and his family..
  6. Bass Tackle

    Do you have the 660 mold
  7. Molds for sale

    I did not get your invoice. What is your paypal account.
  8. Do you Still have the 631 molds? 

  9. Various molds

    Do you have the molds?
  10. Do you use salt in the scuppernog and watermelon. And how much salt and softner?