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  1. Thank you for posting these great ideas!
  2. Will Wetline

    how i make my spinners

    Thank you, Shmido, for sharing the techniques you've developed.
  3. Will Wetline

    The Lime Up

    All the jigs you've posted are masterfully done. Thanks for the look, J.Bowerman.
  4. Will Wetline

    Powder Coating Tin Bismuth?

    The 281 alloy melts at too low a temp to fully cure the powder. The quote below is from Kurt Urban at CS Coatings: "Powder paint needs a minimum of about 275º to achieve the chemical cross-linking for a complete cure." If you're on BassResource.com search for my post, "Six Degrees of Separation." I'm now casting Rotometal's Lead-Free Bullet Casting Alloy with good results. https://www.rotometals.com/lead-free-bullet-casting-alloy-88-bismuth-12-tin/ I cure the powder at 325º for an hour in Eastwood's oven. As an aside, I'll mention that if you purchase this large capacity, made-for-powder-paint oven, spend an additional five bucks and buy an oven thermometer - the dial temp on my oven is off 50º! After this curing procedure the jig heads easily pass my "whack on vise" test. To avoid muttering and cursing, liberally apply Drop Out mold release. It's available from barlowstackle.com. Bismuth expands as it cools. The 88/12 alloy is hard enough so you can grip the casting in the middle - not the sprue, not the hook shank - to remove without marring it. So, if you need to fish lead-free as I do in Massachusetts, go with the 88/12 alloy or pewter (at even greater expense and lighter weight).
  5. Will Wetline

    1/2oz Classic Twin Spin

    Real nice work, smalljaw. Pretty fancy wire bending to attach the swivels, too!
  6. Will Wetline

    Ready For Piranha

    Excellent craftsmanship.
  7. Will Wetline

    Furry Footballs

  8. Will Wetline

    Furry Footballs

    I can't get polar bear as you know, and I'm not real keen on the synthetic faux fur. I do plan a white Poison tail head dressed with bucktail and rabbit and some flash. Maybe some yellow chartreuse for a topping (Think Lefty's Deceiver) and, then again, an overwing of grizzly hackle would look pretty spiffy, I think . . . Thanks for the comment, HV.
  9. Will Wetline

    Furry Footballs

    Pewter heads were ladle cast in Do-it's light wire football mold. Owner 5313 hooks used. Bear and bunny fur.
  10. Will Wetline

    Split rings on jigging spoons

    These are what you want for larger, heavier split rings: http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Texas_Tackle_Split_Ring_Pliers/descpage-TTSRP.html
  11. Will Wetline

    The Ned Rig

    Yup. 2017 was my first season throwing this rig, having bought the Do-it mold to make the head the previous winter. It was no surprise that, working it on a 6 1/2' or 7' ML rod and 6 lb. fluoro, it was a smallmouth slayer.
  12. Will Wetline

    Flies For Steelhead

    I have not used traditional west coast patterns. I think a majority of steelheaders that fish this river that drains into Lake Ontario fish egg pattern flies and nymphs. I have had success with the size 6 white bugger shown in the photo above. Here's one steelhead that liked it:
  13. Will Wetline

    Wacky Worm Weight

    I like your idea and your wit, Tuna!
  14. Will Wetline

    Keeping eyelets clear while curing

    I just painted a batch of Midwest Finesse jigs and tried the above method of clearing the eye. I let the jigs cool first so the paint pushed through wouldn't be sticky and stringy. This worked great. Thanks, cadman!