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    Selection for 2020 steelhead trip.
  2. Used a Copic G99 Olive marker for the barring. I like the fine point on one end. I let it dry for a few hours, soaked it, and then dried it out again. Looking at it a week later, it has faded a bit but I'm not going to worry about it - it still suggests a perch to smallmouth and the rocks will still love it.
  3. Basscat, I'm wondering if you've fished these beautifully finished baits and found that the paint cuts down the vibration significantly? This same blank with self-stick color decals and a 1/0 Siwash is my early season go-to for central Massachusetts smallmouth.
  4. Rigged on a dropshot, smallmouth may show some interest. Hooks are TMC 9395, size 4. Overall lengths of these Zonkers are 3 1/2" - 4".
  5. Everything you're showing is neatly crafted and well proportioned to my critical eye.
  6. Photo was taken with my new macro lens.
  7. Thank you, smalljaw. I'll stick with the Sharpie and if the jig evades the rocks long enough for the markings to fade, I can touch it up. I asked the question because I found a jig I had tied several years ago and had left in a box. It had faded in storage. I brought the stripes back in a couple of minutes with the Sharpie. I may still get an olive Copic to try because I want to tie a few perch patterns with a sculpin olive bucktail top. Thanks again for taking the time for the testing. WW
  8. It's not a problem for me to tie a bucktail perch pattern jig, but the last step applying the vertical stripes over the yellow bucktail could be improved: the Sharpie markings fade. Is it worth the extra expense to buy a Copic marker? Is Copic ink more colorfast? Has anyone developed a different method for making these stripes? Thanks for all input.
  9. Very interesting combination of materials. I look forward to a photo of this creation attached to a fish's jaw.
  10. That's a good looking jig and an excellent presentation of how to tie it. And I appreciate your attention to detail. ( Ignore the names the "get 'er done" types call you.) Looking forward to more of your good work.
  11. Thank you, Big Epp. Smallies are my target species.
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