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  1. Two screw eyes was my go to joint but since i recently did the wire hinge and pin method i think its my favorite. What do you use for pins? I used some sturdy nails that looked rust resistant . I need to find a better substitute
  2. The model on the right, because the joints are cut at different angles what tool do you use to get precise cuts? I cut my joints by hand and they are never perfect. When you accomplish these models please provide a video of the action because im super curious!
  3. Any hinge system that you are comfortable with works. Im messing around with a pin hinge and it frees up tons of space for me to work with. The wood im using is poplar which is strong and doesnt take much lead to make it sink. As stated with all the other glide bait threads balance is so critical to getting the bait to swim right so take your time when weighing the bait with all of its components and you wont be dissappointed. Good luck
  4. “The problem with wanting a higher sink rate is the extra inertia that the ballast creates. Inertia kills action. The sink rate is going to be a compromise with action” this is awesome to know! I havent heard of this method but ill definitly give it a shot. Thank you so much for your knowledge and help!
  5. I really appreciate your help! I took your advice and removed multiple weights and now the lure falls balanced and that seems to make the most difference. i also took some video but it wont let me upload it here. Can i email it to you? The goal of this build was to make a glide bait that i could fish deep and slow. It seems that with this particular bait that the only way it swims proper is by having a slower sink rate. It fishes high in the water column BUT i can fish it slow, so its sorta what im looking for. All and all im sorta satisfied lol. The next glide bait build ill pay more attention to everything you stated and hopefully achieve my goal . Also, is it even possible to have a glide bait that sinks fast without sacrificing action? this whole process was pretty humbling because i havent had a bait that i struggled with making thus far. Much respect to all of you guys who have it down to a science!!
  6. Hi guys I hope you are all doing well. Im working on a glide bait and I hate to ask for help but I need it and this is just the Place. I already tested my bait and its action is pretty bad. Every now and then the bait will swim proper with a steady retrieve but most of the time the bait is stuck one side and moves sideways. It seems that during the retrieve, water catches on one side and cannot alternate to make the glidin motion that is intended. As far as I can tell, It doesnt seem like a weight issue or a joint issue but an issue with the nose of my bait or the line tie. Perhaps the nose of my bait is too wide and needs to be more narrow?Any how here are the pictures of my lure so far. Im assuming that its the nose of the lure that prevents the lure from alturnating sides during its glide so i have narrowed and rounded out the lures head. I hope that I can communicate my thoughts properly. Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated!
  7. Tired of paying for rapalas. These are balsa wood deep divers with thru wire construction. They swim great!
  8. Balsa wood plug in a baby striper color pattern
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