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  1. Explosion waiting to happen I'm sorry for being so blunt just would hate to read something bad to happen really
  2. Sudd I'm sorry I didn't mean to be a know it alll because I don't but I can tell you how I built mine I picked up twe kitchen hood fans and they are set back to back with eight inches in between so I took a t joint furnace duct and hooked both fans together so there's only one pipe going outside to a real vent cut into the bricks I wired them together so there on one plug and for a filter I bought a roll of that furnace filter you can cut on your own it comes in big rolls I have a filter right across and it works great I've tried with a cigarette on a low fan setting and it sucks it right out
  3. I totally agree with mark on this issue I would get rid of than fan right away there not sealed a kitchen hood fan is a much better choice and vent it outdoors with hard furnace duct none of that dryer vent flexible pipe that flexible pipe is the worst invention ever you get all kinds of junk stuck in the creases I build homes for a livening and I always make sure my h vac guy uses furnace pipe and also I would think of permanently attaching a stove vent on the outside reason being if you just hang a pipe out the window you will get on windy days a draft comeing back in I don't think you want
  4. Thank you warrior and everone else I will definitely look into them
  5. Hey guys can anyone tell me we're I can buy harness blades for walleyes harness Im looking for blanks so I can paint them thank you guys
  6. Contact ken at badger top notch service
  7. Thank you AZ I will check it out
  8. Hi everyone I need some advice on uv painted baits I'm currently useing a uv paint on some lures followed up with a automotive clearcoat epoxy would be to heavy there just light metal spoons and I was told by a friend that there is a uv clearcoat that I can spray on has anyone ever heard of anything about a product like this I've been online all night looking any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  9. Not sure mark if I come up with an idea I'll let you know
  10. Hey Mark I totally agree with you I have some old baits that have caught a ton of fish I've actually had to repaint some the paint was showing wear and tear mark between us I had an issue with rapala husky jerks some had the big driveing lip and some had the small lip I never put my clamps on the lip always on a hook hanger and I painted about two dozen paints a couple winters ago when I was done with the epoxy I started takeing the tape of the lips and I was getting some that the lip would come off with the tape I figured a couple who cares right but I had eight so I contacted rapala and the
  11. It is to brittle I hear a lot of complaints from friends about this same issue for the cost of a crankbait/minnow bait I think the product should be a lot better we really should not have to epoxy the lips on a bait after we pay good money for them I know these baits are suppose to be made in the USA but looking st the small print there all made offshore it really gets down to politics don't buy offshore products
  12. Mark I had that happen with a big tackle manufacture the lips were breaking off in the painting process so I called them and there exuse was the paint I use I explained I use createx they knew dam well it was a factory defect I don't use any harsh chemicals whatsoever I only use isopropyl to clean my brushes when done painting they replaced them after me calling and bugging them for a couple months I really would not have expected that from a big tackle company then I tried putting a coat of epoxy over the lip but that just threw the crank out of tune so at eight bucks each i don't buy there p
  13. No chuck don't do that I learned the hard way you can heat it up to get it soft but it doesn't come out right when that happens I just mix a touch more you have to remember also the brush is starting to set also so eveetime you dip the brush in it just adds to the epoxy setting
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