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  1. interest in more info on your weed less ned set up

    1. 21xdc


      You can call me at 734-674-0328 



  2. BassSwackerBaits

    Custom molds

    what is a print a lure mold?
  3. BassSwackerBaits

    Core Block

    how much for one and can I get one to try? message me at 662-292-7072 thanks
  4. BassSwackerBaits

    Angling AI craw molds 6 cavity

    still have mold? is it one mold or 2? I have 5 cav molds didn't know if they made 6 cav
  5. BassSwackerBaits

    Zoom Cotton Candy Help

    Get some Ispikeit cotton candy color, it will get you close, also zooms plastic has a lot of salt which give it the cloudy look, you can get the same affect by adding a drop of white, but not to much
  6. BassSwackerBaits

    Old Zoom Purple #065

    iOS of the old zoom purple recipe anyone matched it?