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  1. Ultramolds mini shooting star

    I have an ultramolds mini shooting star for sale with 1 injector heater and 1 injector. Used only twice. Ship on your dime.
  2. Plastic not curing like usual

    I stirred it real good with some paint paddles and all is good. Thanks to everyone for the comments.
  3. Plastic not curing like usual

    Thinking about transferring it to gallon jugs.
  4. Plastic not curing like usual

    I give it a good shake by hand and do some barrel rolls with the bucket. I will try giving it a good stir and see what happens. Thanks yall.
  5. I use the do it essential medium and I find it's not getting as hard as usual. I cook it good and get it to 350. I buy it in 5 gal and keep it in my shed. No insulation or ac. Maybe moisture getting in the bucket?
  6. Bear's Baits update.

    Glad to hear he is in good spirits. Prayers to him and his family.
  7. Ultra Molds?

    I'm a dummy. Check spam.
  8. Ultra Molds?

    I sent an email twice this week myself. I will and try to give Rupert a call also
  9. Bears bait

    Unfortunately, Bears medical issues aren't getting better and he is unable to run the shop. We will not be accepting orders. All orders placed will be Refunded as soon as possible. Thank you to our loyal customers that have been with us so many years & have made Bears Baits possible. I hope everyone will understand. Prayers for Bear are Appreciated. Please Be patient as we try to process all orders to be refunded. copied form his website. prayers bear.
  10. 3" stingray grub

    Looking for a 3" stingray grub mold. Any idea where from?
  11. Bears bait

    Bear is dealing with some health issues. Prayers to him and his family. I ordered a few mold and didn't realize he was sick until I went back to his home page. Yall pray for him..
  12. do-it.com

    That's just wrong. I lost an uncle to being hit by a vehicle. Plus I would have gotten out of my truck and helped so called old lady cross the street. I save lives for a living!
  13. do-it.com

    Thanks for everyone's Input. Just must be my luck. Lol.
  14. do-it.com

    I've handled it with the company. I was just wondering if anyone has had any problems with them!!!
  15. do-it.com

    I just got off the phone with them. That was the problem. They are charging me for shipping on the order. It's only 50 cents away from reaching their free shipping policy and will be a total of 3 weeks total since I placed and will receive my order.