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  1. Lip Locked Baits

    Deal of a lifetime

    i sent an email i am interested in a couple things you have text me at 6137701727 or email i am in ontario too should help keeping shipping lower
  2. Lip Locked Baits

    DO it mad dad Craw molds 3xl and 4" molds

    I have for sale the following do it molds all are in great shape and shoot well. custom replacements coming is the reason for selling 1 x 6 cavity 3XL mad dad pro mold retails for $300 asking $240 10 x 1 cavity 3xl mad dad molds retail for $50 each asking $300 for all or $35 each (will do a great price for all 16 ---- 3 xl cavities or large purchase) 6 x 4" mad dad single cavity molds retail $55 asking $250 for all or $40 each
  3. Lip Locked Baits

    4 x 2 cav 4.5" DO it berry bug molds

    i have 4 x 2 cav berry bug molds in the 4.5" . great flipping bait very active tails molds are in good shape and shoot well. I have customs on the way which is why they are for sale. I would like to see them all go together for $280 OBO but will sell for $80 each tyd
  4. Lip Locked Baits

    Make me an offer

    would like to see these go 1 x 6 Cavity mad dad 3xl Best Offer 10 x 1 cavity Mad dad 3 xl best offer 6 x single cav 4" Twin Tail Grubs SOld Pending pay 6 x 4" Mad dad single cav best offer 4 x 2 cav 4.5 berry bug molds best offer
  5. Lip Locked Baits

    2 lead molds

    these were a gift from a friend i do not pour leads and really have no idea what they are worth. the sinker mold is from 3/4 oz to 8 oz. 1 hinged lead jig head mold, 3 cavity says "Herter's incwaseca Minn USA model 4G3". make me an offer
  6. Lip Locked Baits

    Paint Supply

    for sale is 1 unopened can of white VPI paint + 1 1/4 can white, 2 unopened cans baby bass green, 1 unopened can blue, 1 unopened 1 barely used can retarder, 1 unopened 1 barely used thinner. retails for $172 US plus shipping and tax asking $90 OBO TYD