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  1. It was the BS706S S glass blank wasn't it. Good for any tight line persentation.
  2. Go to your local hardware store and buy a caliper, they are not expensive and they can be handy for other projects. You can't just go by dimensions when buying components, you also have to size the reel seat to the reel foot on the reel, they are not all the same, for instance a 17 mm reel seat may fit your back bouncing blank, but your Shimano Tekota reel has to large a reel foot to fit the reel seat, it's to long and to wide. A 20 mm reel seat is the minimum size that will accept the longer and wider reel foot of the saltwater designed Tekota reels. Happens many times on salmon rods, people purchase a rod on sale one day and than get a good deal on a reel they like at a Sportsman's Show, or someplace, but you can't put the two together and go fishing.
  3. If you go to a bearing/industrial supply company you can get just about any bearing you want, everything is pretty universal, with many products using the same bearings that can be bought from more than one company usually. For instance some of the ceramic bearings from a microchip processing tool just happen to fit my reels. Drag washers and parts have been kitted out for decades, used to be a company in Florida that had drag washers for just about any saltwater reel ever made.
  4. It just is a barrier between the sweat, oil and dirt on your hands and the cork.
  5. U 40 Cork Seal, or Birchwood Casey Tru Oil, this is a rub on gun stock finish. Cork doesn't really absorb anything, these are just surface coatings,
  6. Gone about 10 years now, can find one of the Tiger Eye blanks for sale from time to time.
  7. My 251 is maybe 30 years old and still going strong. "You need 14 bearings in a reel, or it's no good". "Your reel spool has to continue turning till your coffee's done". Right. Back when the reels had the little handles, you old timers know which ones, a company out of Louisiana I believe called Gorilla Grips I think made handles the length we use now as direct replacements. The internet is full of replacements now, but have no idea of their qualiity. Still have some old Shimano Bantam 101's with the V spool still going strong with the Gorills Grips.
  8. Mine Z is quieter than the Curados I've fished with in the boat, and casts just a bit further. You can kit out any of the 13's with the polymer bearings supposedly.
  9. I like the Concept Z 13 Fishing reel, no bearings at all. Cast like it is rocket propelled.
  10. Automotive clear coat, just like the paint you probably used.
  11. Have you looked at the Rainshadow IMMC72M as a replacement?
  12. Devcon 2 epoxy, blank's graphite fibers held in epoxy, do the math.
  13. No matter what your painting be it a reel seat, or rod blank, you never wipe it down with anything after sanding, or scuffing. You always clean first while you have a slicker surface and remove all contaminants, than scuff/sand and if you must dust off with a soft bristle brush. If you work as mentioned before, you can impregnate contaminants into the work causing fish eyes, or worse
  14. With the new Polymer bushings coming out that look like they are as nice as the best bearings, I might wait.
  15. My MW guide builds on a steelhead rod are exactly 1/2 the weight of a standard NCG setup, not the hot setup for freezing weather fishing.
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