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  1. Washougal

    Reinforcing ceramic guides

    If I was having problems of ceramic damage, without guide frame damage, I would go to a guide that has no ceramic to damage. The guides of this type found on the Pure Fishing production rods is not near the quality of the same style guides by first Pacific Bay and now American Tackle, I prefer the double swaged guides, Pac Bay style 4.Titanium, or Stainless frames. On heavier rods there are the old carbide guides, etc. If your looking for just a bit more durability, the newer ring locking frames that wrap around the ceramic ring are the guides to use. Everyone makes one. Some in Titanium also.
  2. Washougal

    Reinforcing ceramic guides

    The most reported guide failure is tip tops, it's always the guide's fault not the lures, sinkers, swivels, etc. that are reeled up guickly to the point of trying to strain them through the tip top. Easy question, no matter what type rod, when you apply a load the tip top and first guides and the rod blank all will all straighten out and point towards the load. How much tension is on the guide in this position? Not much huh? Approaching zit point nada compared to the guides further back? Than why are these the guides that fall out the most? The load you do see, in which direction is it? 90° from the direction a guide ring has to travel to leave the guide frame huh? Seems to me for a ring to come out you have to massively distort, or break the guide frame while under fishing conditions, maybe a small guide and a massive top shot knot throwing a heavy weight might do it, but really who controls that? Not the rod or guide manufacturer.
  3. Washougal

    Reinforcing ceramic guides

    There is always some sort of abuse if a guide fails and you've checked the guides prior to using the rod. They get dropped, slapping the guides on the floor, etc., they get pulled out of rod lockers, rod racks, etc. after they have hung up. They get stepped on, thrown in the back of the truck and have the spare roll, or slide over them. Any amount of things people disregard in a day's fishing. Same thing with rods that break while casting, or setting the hook. All guides are built over-engineered for the job they're selected for, I've got a rod I built 30+ years ago that has the same guides you see on a light bass rod, it was designed to catch sturgeon to 10 ft, using weighs to 48 oz. They are Fuji SV series guides, and have never had a guide failure. Can't think of one rod I have that has ever failed with mine, or someone elses help.
  4. Washougal

    Reinforcing ceramic guides

    Epoxy is not a very stable compound, it is at it's best in as fine a film as you can muster. When I use it to adhere cork rings together I butter the rings, than scrape off as much epoxy as I can. Same when installing a reel seat, I use the tightest arbors I can get away with, and spin the reel seat multiple times to ensure that the epoxy is on all surfaces before alignment.
  5. Washougal

    Tip Top adhesive

    Devcon 2 epoxy, blank's graphite fibers held in epoxy, do the math.
  6. Washougal

    Top coat for painted reel seats?

    No matter what your painting be it a reel seat, or rod blank, you never wipe it down with anything after sanding, or scuffing. You always clean first while you have a slicker surface and remove all contaminants, than scuff/sand and if you must dust off with a soft bristle brush. If you work as mentioned before, you can impregnate contaminants into the work causing fish eyes, or worse
  7. Washougal

    swap bushings for bearings

    With the new Polymer bushings coming out that look like they are as nice as the best bearings, I might wait.
  8. Washougal

    Doug Hannon style guides

    My MW guide builds on a steelhead rod are exactly 1/2 the weight of a standard NCG setup, not the hot setup for freezing weather fishing.
  9. Washougal

    Trigger Transplant

    Was it a Fuji IPS TR trigger that was installed?
  10. Years ago when I was doing much more business, a minimum buy in straight from the manufacturers was $ 2000, and it went up from there, depending on what it was.
  11. Washougal

    restoring old rods

    Brent if I cared for those rods as much as you do, I'd fix them myself, this is not rocket science, nor does it have to be expensive. I have no idea what you have, but any moral support, or assistance I can give you just ask. A small area to work, even a kitchen counter or table, a sharp knife or better a razor blade, some thread, a few books to tension the line, and a cardboard box will get you going.
  12. Washougal

    restoring old rods

    I live to far from you to help you. Some ideas on prices you can expect to pay though may help you decide. Guides are usually in the $12 - 15 dollar a guide plus the price of the guide on simple wraps. Closed butt wraps are $35 - 45 an inch.
  13. Washougal

    Need help finding the spine!!

    Bend up, or down = straightest axis. Bend up will deflect the tip a bit straighter with the addition of you guides and wraps.
  14. Washougal

    restoring old rods

    Anything can be done with enough time and money, you didn't give much info to go on. Like new, replace enough to put them in service, or something in between? Heavy saltwater rods, surf rods, bass rods, drum/trout rods, fly rods?